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The Ultimate Guide To Wedding Jewelry To Match Your Gown

The Ultimate Guide To Wedding Jewelry To Match Your Gown

Here is everything you need to know and all the steps you should follow to ensuring you have the perfect wedding jewelry for your perfect day!

Whilst the dress is, of course, the star of the show, accessorising it with the perfect wedding jewelry is essential. Not only will it truly bring your inner bridal princess to life but it will give your outfit a more personal touch so you feel your absolute best on such a special day. There are so many options and choices from necklaces, earrings, veils and headdress. To kick-start your decision-making process we have put together the ultimate guide to finding the perfect wedding jewelry for you.

1) Decide on a veil

Veils come under the umbrella of wedding jewelry and they are perhaps one of the most iconic bridal accessories of all time. There are endless styles to choose from such as cathedral-length and the classic birdcage kind, it just depends on what you’re after. Think about how you’ll be having your hair and what would best suit that style. Then once choosing the style you love, you’re going to want to make sure it’s the exact same colour as your dress to match perfectly. If your dress has a more complex design go with a veil slightly more simplistic and elegant.

2) Match the detailing

Our second wedding jewelry tip is to decide which metal looks better with your dress. For example, ivory is usually best paired with gold to accentuate the creamy tint of the fabric. However, white dresses look incredible with silver or platinum to add to the sparkling white hues. Pearl detailing is also a timeless jewelry element too. If your dress has any beadwork or other embellishments the key is to pick out wedding jewelry that will compliment it best. For example, if your gown has silver beading, pick a necklace, bracelet or pair of earrings with a silver base. Don’t over think it too much!


3) Make a statement

Sometimes the best wedding jewelry statement can be made by following the less is more rule. You don’t need a fancy tiara, big veil, diamond earrings or heavy necklace. All you need is whatever will make you happy and feel your very best on your special day. Accessories can add all kinds of unique touches to your look however sometimes less really is more to further highlight that iconic, timeless, classic, bridal beauty.

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4) Add a topper

If you’d still enjoy having some kind of wedding jewelry on your head but the idea of a veil just really isn’t your thing, have a look into fascinators and hair combs. As I previously mentioned, your hairstyle is everything so cater your accessories to that. There are endless hair accessories that look incredible with updos however if you’re after a gorgeous bohemian vibe then a flower crown may be perfect for you. But keep in mind your hair type as if you have fine hair you won’t want anything too heavy and if you have a thicker texture smaller accessories such as clips may not show as well.


5) Think beyond typical jewelry

Finally, our last wedding jewelry tip is to think outside of the box. Maybe instead of wearing a delicate bracelet or necklace, you’d like an accessory to spice up your actual dress itself. In that case, why not wear a silk sash to highlight or help create the illusion of having curves. Even though your dress may not come with one, that doesn’t mean you can’t alter it to how you like. You could even go with a dainty thin white leather belt. Either way, these are great ways to instantly upgrade any dress you pick out.

Which of these steps will you be thinking about following when picking out your wedding jewelry? Comment down below your favourites!

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