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The Ultimate Guide To Thrifting

Thrifting can be one of the best things ever. You can find really nice pieces (sometimes even high end) for a quarter of the price, even less in most cases. However, if you have never done it before it can be a little daunting and you might not think to look where the best bargains are. So, without further due here is the ultimate guide to thrifting.

Empty car

Empty your car before you go just in case. When you go thrifting you have no idea what you might find and you might need all of the space you can get. You might have been looking for a special item for your house that you could potentially find at the thrift store or just get super lucky and find an entirely new closet. No matter the reason you might really need the space in your car so don’t leave it full of stuff that is not purposely useful for your trip to the thrift shop.

Quick change outfit

Don’t dress up when you are going thrifting, you need to be comfortable but also able to change outfits easily. So, don’t wear overly complicated straps, no jumpsuits, no excessive buttons. It can become a really big mistake, because if you find a lot of items that you like, getting in and out of your own outfit needs to be easy, not complicated.

Hands-free bag

Something else that could go under the easy outfit idea is to have a hands free bag. Whether it’s a tote bag, a messenger bag, a shoulder bag or a crossbody it doesn’t really matter, as long as you have your hands free to look around and shop.

Dressing room rejects

Always check the items that just came out of the dressing rooms, that maybe didn’t fit somebody well enough, that has already kind of been picked through by someone else. Sometimes the best stuff is there just waiting for you.

Keep carrying around ‘maybe’s’

If something is really good, or you are not one hundred percent sure if you want to buy it or leave it behind, keep carrying it around with you. If you put it down and someone else picks it up it’s gone forever, so unless you are sure don’t put it down just yet.

See Also

Check every area

No matter your size or your personal style check all areas of the thrift store, that includes man’s, woman’s, little girl’s and little boy’s. Some of the really good stuff might be hidden there or you could just find really good stuff that you love and that are simply on those racks. So don’t let anything slip away, you might regret it.

Search offseason

Winter is a great time to find a really cute spring and summer wear, from flowy dresses, to cute t-shirts and even shorts. Summer, on the other hand, is the perfect time to look for jackets, sweaters, jeans and anything you would wear in the colder months. You have to think about what people are getting rid of, stuff that they haven’t worn for a while, and what people are currently not looking for, so that you can find the really good stuff if you are willing to wait a little bit longer to wear it.

Check for sales

At most thrift stores there is always a kind of sale going on. The tags might be different colours and one colour might be on sale, or it’s a specific item on sale this week, etc. It might not be super advertised, so if you ask the cashier nicely what is on sale they will be willing to tell you (also being nice to the people working there could help you get a better deal, they have the power to negotiate, to give you deals if a price tag is not on the item or to overlook your stuff for you, so be the nicest you can be).

I hope you found this article useful, f you have any other tips to share please comment them down below.

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Claudia Scavuzzo

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