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The Ultimate Guide To Finding Fashion Inspiration

The Ultimate Guide To Finding Fashion Inspiration

If you're in need of fashion inspiration we've got some of the best places to look right here! Just you wait until you set your eyes on these.

When it comes to your style do you ever feel as if you’re lacking fashion inspiration? We’ve all been there. Sometimes you’ll buy something on impulse because it’s a trend item but you only wear it that one way you saw someone else doing the same. Or, you feel like you’re wearing the same (and most likely your favourite) pieces over and over again. Well, finding fashion inspiration is pretty easy, you just need to know where to look. It doesn’t mean you need to go and spend lots either because there’ll be plenty of combos in your wardrobe you just haven’t thought of trying yet. Today, we’re sharing with you some of the best ways to gain some fresh fashion visuals.

1) Pinterest

An oldie but a goodie. When it comes to finding fashion inspiration, Pinterest is incredible. Although it’s incredible for gathering ideas around pretty much anything really. So, whether you’re looking for summer outfits or how to style that leopard print bodysuit you bought recently you’ll find answers in just seconds. It’s one of the best online platforms for finding different aesthetics because it’s purely image-led. So, have a good think about what it is exactly you’re wanting new ideas for and get searching!

2) Magazines

Next up we have the timeless method of finding fashion inspiration from fashion magazines, of course! However, it’s not a case of flicking through the adverts to see what the designers are creating, there are so many more elements. As basic as seeing which colours look cool together or contrast nicely, it’s not always shown through clothing. Look at the colours of patterns featuring the textual elements and backgrounds. You might find that the idea of wearing red and pink together that you’ve been avoiding all these years because of thinking they’ll clash, actually looks incredible. Go and have a look.


3) Independent Boutiques

Having a mooch around different stores whether you’re on the high street or in your favourite upmarket shopping centre is also a great way to gain that much-needed fashion inspiration. There are often mannequins standing around to help you with exactly that, so that’s a great place to start. And something you may never really have thought of before is that there are usually complete teams of visual merchandisers that are paid to layout everything nicely with clothing that coordinates well with each other as a major goal of theirs. So have a good look and dive into every section.

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4) Bloggers

Now, when it comes to finding fashion inspiration from bloggers, the idea of finding said ‘bloggers’ feels like quite a lot of effort. However, all it takes is a little bit of research to find someone with a style suited to you. For example, Sarah Ashcroft is the perfect influencer to follow if you love cool Pretty Little Thing outfits, Lucy Moon is perfect to follow if you’re interested in minimalistic fashion and Lucy Wood is fab to follow if you’re the in-between size of 14 to 16. There are so many people out there it’s just a matter of finding them and hunting down their Instas.


5) Online Retailers

Finally, our last recommendation for snagging a little extra fashion inspiration is to look around online at different retailers. Whether you’re into Missguided, Nasty Gal or ASOS there’ll be content out there that is perfect for you. Even if you’re not looking to buy anything in particular, have a look at how particular pieces are styled differently on the models. Is she wearing white trainers with that? Is that a leather jacket I see looking incredible with an eyelash cami underneath? Trust me, this is one tip you’re going to want to start implementing.

Which of these tips will you be following to find the ultimate fashion inspiration you’ve been hoping for? Comment down below which ones were your faves!

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