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The Ultimate Coventry University Bucket List

The Ultimate Coventry University Bucket List

Coventry University has a lot of great places. Here is the ultimate bucket list that all Coventry University students must see before graduation.

There is so much to do whilst living as a student in Coventry. Coventry is the second biggest city in the West Midlands, and it has so much to offer its students.  Coventry University was awarded City of Culture 2021 which shows how great of a city it is. Here is the ultimate Coventry University bucket list for all Coventry University students.

Visit the Transport Museum

The transport museum at Coventry hosts hundreds of old vehicles. The Transport Museum is a motor museum that has a collection of British-made road transport. This museum would make a nice afternoon out with friends, after you have just worked hard in a lecture.

The Ultimate Coventry University Bucket List



All Coventry University students must try the ice-skating rink at least once before graduation. Planet Ice has offers throughout the year and sometimes they have free events, so why not put on your skates and give it a try with your friends? Make some funny memories before you all graduate.


Coventry University students do love to go out and have fun. Coventry has a lot of bars around the city centre and clubs such as: Big Bamboo, the Empire, JJ’s, Kasbah’s, etc. The clubs frequently host special events and have student nights every week. Gather your flat mates and go try one of these clubs.

The Ultimate Coventry University Bucket List


Visit the other student accommodations

If you have never set foot in another Coventry University student accommodation you really should try it before it’s too late. There are always parties going on in other accommodations so pop along to one and see if which accommodation is better.

Join a society

Before you complete your last year at Coventry University you must join at least 1 society to complete your Coventry University experience. Societies are fun and they are a great way to meet new people, learn new things and develop new skills. There are a wide range of societies at Coventry University, so you can easily find something you will enjoy.

Visit the Coventry Cathedral

Everyone who attends graduation will at least step foot in the Coventry Cathedral once as this is where the graduation ceremony is hosted.

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The Ultimate Coventry University Bucket List

Try the German Donner Kebab

If you are a fan of kebabs, then I am sure you will love the German Donner Kebab restaurant in Coventry. The meals there are not too expensive, so it won’t burn a massive whole in your pocket. If one day you don’t feel like cooking, why not try the German Donner Kebab?


Go to McDonald’s at night

Anyone who has ever been on a night out in Coventry will know that after the party has ended, it resumes in McDonald’s. The McDonald’s is 24 hours, so you have students coming from a club buying food from there at 4AM. If you have never had a late-night meal at McDonald’s, then you have not had the full Coventry University student experience. You are missing out!

Play games in your flat

You Coventry University experience will not be complete if you have never stayed up late to play games with your flatmates. A lot of games played in the flat kitchen are drinking games but there are plenty of other games you can play for example, Monopoly! I have played Monopoly with my flatmates, and it was a funny experience. It is amazing how emotional people can become over a board game. Everybody wants to win! Try gathering your flatmates to play a board game and try and make some funny memories.

Your Coventry University experience won’t be complete until you have done everything on this bucket list. Comment down below your Coventry University bucket list.

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