The Ultimate Broke College Student’s Guide To Eating In Nottingham

With all the other expenses in college, sometimes we have to watch what we spend on food. This is a guide to student-friendly eating in Nottingham!

Well what do you know, you’ve spent all your money in Luvyababes and on the Ocean Bar Crawl, and now you’re broke. But you’ve still got to eat right? Knowing of some cheap restaurants around Nottingham will come in handy a lot more than you’d think while in college. Here are the cheapest places for student friendly eating in Nottingham.

1. Spoons

If you don’t go to spoons at some point, are you even a student? The Gooseberry Bush is located right outside the city campus; there literally could not be a better location.


2. Bunk

Half price food and cocktails for students, what better place to eat?! The chicken wings are amazing, and so are the mozzarella dippers.

3. Revolution

Half price on a Monday? What better place to go? The cocktails are also amazing, and half price during happy hour; enough said.


4. SU

It is so cheap here; made by students for students. This is the usual place to go for a debrief after Ocean Wednesday.


5. Orange Tree

A little like Spoons, but they do a pint of beer or cider with fries, topped with cheese and bacon. How amazing. They also do really good cocktails and brew there own Pilsner.


6. Tesco Meal Deal

Doing an all-nighter in the library? Then you’ll probably go for a meal deal from Tesco to hand. And if you don’t rate it in your group chat, whats the point in having one in the first place?

The Ultimate Broke College Student’s Guide To Eating In Nottingham
This is the ultimate broke college student’s guide to eating in Nottingham. Share your thoughts or any questions in the comments below!
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