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The Ultimate 420 Playlist You Need In Your Life

The Ultimate 420 Playlist You Need In Your Life

The Ultimate 420 Playlist You Need In Your Life

There’s no denying there’s no shortage of weed-centric music. Everybody knows the iconic “Because I Got High,” and the cheeky “Pass The Weed.” All these 420 inspired bangers are fantastic and perfectly blunt (if you’ll pardon the pun) tunes to blast out while smoking up. However there are other bangers to blast that may not necessarily be solely focused on the act of smoking weed; other tracks that implore you to take that first puff and spark your imagination with their musical sensibilities.

In honour of the holiday of all holidays, 420, we’ve created the ultimate 420 playlist!

Perhaps you’re preparing to smoke later on in the day, or maybe you’ve been smoking since the dawn and you’re thinking about how mad it is that the phone or computer you’re looking at right now is made up of a teenie weenie pixels, each one displaying a different colour all working together to make up the image. Like whoah (???.)

Either way, sit back, roll up and enjoy some 420 bangers on the 420 playlist, amidst your THC giggles as you enjoy the celebration that is April 20th. 


The Blaze – Virile

French production house duo The Blaze have been making their mark on the music scene for a while now with their powerful and emotive music videos and their slow and mournful take on house music. Virile combines both powerful imagery and poignant melodies, with a grooving house beat and synths that build progressively, creating a sense of anxiety and tension. The track features haunting yet trippy vocals creating the perfect vibe for a smoke session.

Jorja Smith – February 3rd

From the streets of Walsall to the Grammy Awards, Jorja Smith is one of the most prominent voices in the UK right now. This track, taken from her Brit-nominated debut album, is a lovelorn track with an infectious groove. Jorja’s vocals are soft and delicate like freshly-spun candy floss, while the timely, boom-bap beat enables a head-nodding rhythm perfect for those chilled out sessions. Even the King Of Mary Jane himself, Snoop Dog posted a video of him having a bop to this track!

Kendrick Lamar & Rihanna – Loyalty

Now this track, was THE track of every club and every Friday night home-bound smoke session back in 2017. Standing on a funky foundation, the beats are intoxicating as if you just popped an unidentified pill and have been taken on a journey with its shimmering tempo and Kendrick’s smooth and cool delivery. Our badgirlrhirhi adds an extra dollop of tonal goodness, enhancing the message of the track; the importance of unconditional loyalty to friends and family.


D’Angelo – Brown Sugar

This groundbreaking single from D’Angelos debut album is about more than just a smoke session. Layering his husky yet soft voice over a chomping piano arrangement, the Neo-Soul legend prolongs his love for a girl named “Brown Sugar,” his voice occasionally shifting  into an euphoric falsetto. The effect of this is so intoxicating and that it’s easy to forget about the weed metaphor at the songs core.

Childish Gambino – Redbone

This smooth, grooved our track oozes love-making and sensuality. It’s the perfect track to put on and smoke to, either in celebration or in mourning of a dear one that’s passed. The track instantly grabs the listener, thrusting them on a 4 minute soul-uplifting journey. 

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Neon Hitch – Get Me High 

Back in 2015 British songstress Neon Hitch dropped a six track EP that was created and produced in 24 hours. The EP, 24:00, was a dedication to her fans who were waiting patiently for now-scrapped debut album, Eleutheromaniac. One of the gems on the EP was the soothing and appropriately titled Get Me High. The relaxed and sparse synths work well with Neon’s gorgeous, blues-inspired tone, offering the listener a feeling of tranquility. 

Sampha – Timmy’s Prayer

Silky-voiced London singer Sampha details an authentic tale of heartbreak and heartache on this minimalist electro-R&B track. A sparse and moody beat enables Sampha’s haunting vocals to be present, with tension building throughout, creating an aura of urgency before crashing down in the songs climax. 

Which tracks are your fave to sit back and smoke to? Let us know in the comments!

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