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The Typical Day Of A University Of Wolverhampton Student

The Typical Day Of A University Of Wolverhampton Student

Have you ever wondered what the typical day of a University of Wolverhampton student is like? We have the ultimate, hour to hour guide.

Being a uni student makes you already a “different person”, let alone your day is never a typical day. If you go to uni here in Wolverhampton, there are endless things that can happen that will turn your average day into an everlasting memory and, I’m not talking about people getting killed getting out of Starbucks because of incredibly fast winds or a man getting ran over by a car and the police chasing the ran over man instead of the drivers, I’m talking about more regular basis things. Keep reading to find out what the typical day of a University of Wolverhampton student is like.

The biggest surprise if you’re living in Wolverhampton at Union State and in the A block (more specific) is that if the lift is not working; well, you’re a little bit screwed.

Even more, if you live on the 10 floor, let’s say… I don’t know, the 20th? Yes, that’s me. Or sometimes, you could get a memo remembering you to “not let this man inside the building” cause he’s been sleeping in the hall.


If everything goes alright and as planned, you’ll get to your Faculty just in time, but “oh, oh” it’s decided now that you need your ID at ALL times to access the building?

Even though it wasn’t like this couple days ago? Well yes, if you’re like me and don’t carry your ID around you either have to wait for some good Samaritan to open the door for you or wait for someone to get out of the building. It will continue to happen, no matter how much I try to remember to take my ID the night before.


Lectures go by and nothing interesting ever happens, the only thought that crosses your mind is “when is this going to be over so I can go back to my flat and hibernate again?”


It’s over, you’re free to return to your little cave and it’s lunch time, what’s better than that?

Probably nothing, or maybe knowing that you don’t have more lectures for the rest of the week and your only preoccupation is if the party that weekend will be at your favourite local or the one you dislike the most.


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During your evening, if it’s a good day out and you feel athletic enough you can go and have a walk around West Park and get yourself surrounded by geese, pigeons and squirrels.

After that healthy and sporty walk maybe get some cheeky ice cream at McDonald’s or think about some cheeky Nando’s for dinner. Because let’s be real, everyone loves Nando’s.


What else goes on in the typical day of a University of Wolverhampton student? Comment below!
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