The Typical Day Of A University of Ulster Coleraine Student

A little insight into the typical day of a University of Ulster, Coleraine student. Here is what you can expect your day to look like as a student.

A little insight into the typical day of a University of Ulster, Coleraine student.

7:30 am

Groan and switch off the alarm.

8:00 am

Switch off the other alarm. There’s plenty of time to get to the 9:15 am class, it’ll be grand.


8:30 am

Okay, time to actually get up. But there’s still plenty of time, so maybe sit in bed going through your phone? That sounds like a good idea.

8:50 am

Panic time. I’m not looking pretty today.

8:55 am

Suddenly the outfit you picked out last night isn’t looking so great, so just throw on the usual tee-shirt and jeans instead.


9 am

Look at the kitchen door forlornly: there’s no chance of anything to eat this morning.

9:07 am

Finally slip into my seat. Look at my phone and realise that I could have stopped at the shop for something to eat #sadface.

10 am

Break in the lecture. An executive decision to stay or go?


10:20 am

Why did I decide to stay?


11 am

Lecture over. Time to run back to my room and hide from people.


11:05 am

Get back to my room. Really should start going over what I ‘learned’ today, but food is calling my name instead.

11:45 am

Better check those ‘notifications’ on my phone, they could be important…

1:30 pm

…How did it get to this time?


1:45 pm

Right, time to get work done. Seriously.

2:30 pm

Still looking for something to watch on Netflix to accompany my studying.

3 pm

Food break.


4 pm

Okay, really need to buckle down here.

4:30 pm

I need a drink of water, can’t study when I’m dehydrated, that’s immature.

4:32 pm

Flat-mate walks into the kitchen, studying is forgotten.


4:45 pm

Flat-mate suggests going to the library, which will definitely help you study, right?

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5:30 pm

The library was a bad idea. You can hear people coughing and blowing their noses. This is most definitely not fun. Can’t even turn up your earphones because you don’t want people to know that you’re catching up on the latest ‘Hell’s Kitchen’ episode.


7 pm

When the backside is numb, it’s time to go back to the flat. First, decide to get a couple of books before leaving the library but, surprise surprise, someone has already taken them out.

8:30 pm

Get back to the flat. Discuss whether you should go out that night or stay-in? Stay-in wins.

8:43 pm

Furthermore, discuss whether you should go to the gym or just order in food? ‘Jimmy’s House’ wins…again.



10 pm

Go into your room with all intents and purposes to do some work.

10:30 pm

Wow, look at the time, how are our brains supposed to soak up vital information at this time of night? Close the books for the night and get into bed with the laptop.


12 pm

Just one more OITNB episode.

2 am

What have I done with my life?

2:30 am

Finally get into bed to go to sleep, ready to repeat in the morning. Don’t forget to rethink all of your life choices before you fall asleep.

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