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The Typical Day Of A University Of East London Student

The Typical Day Of A University Of East London Student

Have you ever wondered what the typical day of a University of East London student is like? Well now you can find out! Keep reading for the ultimate play by play.

The typical day starts off with rolling out bed half an hour before your morning lecture and jumping in for a quick shower.

You start getting ready, most likely skipping breakfast and heading to your lecture and surprisingly still making in on time (if you’re one of the lucky ones and study on the Dockland campus).

You get to your lecture, and there’s only 6 people out of 30 there and you’re wondering why you’re there.

The entire thing just consists of your lecturer reading off a PowerPoint and you sitting there trying not to fall asleep and you’re just daydreaming of going back to your flat and going to sleep because let’s face it you went to bed at 4am and you’re exhausted and no amount of Costa coffee can keep you up.



So, after your lecture, you go back to your flat and take a quick nap to gain some energy.

After you wake up and it’s now around 3pm and you’re thinking that you should go do something with your day.

Since your flatmates and friends are most likely in lectures or work, you decide to walk to Asda to buy some food since your shelf in the fridge is completely empty.

Even though you’re a broke university student you still decide to treat yourself with very pricey food every single time like steak or smoked salmon.


You come home, make dinner and eat, and then you’ve got an hour or two to spare.

You might go do some coursework, tidy your bedroom or just chill out and watch TV because let’s face it you had a very hard and tiring day.

When it gets to around 7pm, your flatmates are back and all your friends come to your flat one by one, and if there’s an event happening like a boat party or something at the SU, everyone pre-drinks and you all go out.

If not, ten of you gather around that small kitchen table of yours which is only meant for six people, and some may order food, some may make food in your flat despite them not even living there, and you either drink or smoke.

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Candles, snacks, music or a movie, the perfect ambience is created and you all have a great night hanging out and it’s never boring.

A heated discussion will get started, probably something about politics or sports and while you might not have an interest in those topics, you try and keep up.

Someone will get hungry for snacks and decide to go to the corner shop and everyone else will join.

The slow and cold walk under bridge to get to the shop feels like forever, and you will end up buying a ridiculous amount of junk food and sour Haribo, and then you return to your flat and continue the sesh.


As the night goes on, someone will pass out on the airbed located in your kitchen, someone else will fall asleep on the sofa that you stole from your mates’ flat and as it gets late, one by one people will go to bed.

And so, another day is over. Wake up and repeat.

What else happens during the typical day of a University of East London student? Comment below!
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