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The Typical Day Of A Manchester Metropolitan University Student

The Typical Day Of A Manchester Metropolitan University Student

No day at Manchester Metropolitan University is ever really a "typical day". But, this is usually what goes on in the University student's life!
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Being a student at Manchester metropolitan definitely isn’t boring, whether you live on campus or at home or somewhere else within the city. Each day is different and you can thank the good old mancunians for that! Each day, whether there all the same or all completely different, is a “typical” day and in true northern style, there really is nothing better than a typical day here in Manchester. This is the “typical” day of a Manchester Metropolitan University Student!

1. The Inevitable argument with yourself.

Every morning when your alarm starts to ring the inevitable argument with yourself begins on whether or not to get out of your cosy bed and head to the doom of a 9am lecture. If your living on campus and in any halls of residence you can leave you decision to literally the last minute before heading out or choosing to stay in bed, especially if your in the wonderfully close Cambridge halls!

However, if your like me and want to be the very minor percentage of students who decide to stay at home and “save money and be smart” then this decision happens around 2 hours earlier than everyone else, and usually ends up with you leaving the house with minutes to spare to catch the train or bus into town.


2. Brisk walk? More like a marathon!

If your in private halls, or travelling in from further out in the city, you more than likely take a short walk down Oxford Road to complete the hell sent journey into Manchester Metropolitan University. Oxford road is deceivingly long depending on where your bus drops you and especially if you get the train in. If you get the train in you also know about the hellish mountain you have to climb up and down everyday at Oxford Road train station, that quite frankly makes you believe your having a heart attack.

3. Lecture or nap?

After walking what feels like miles, it’s an easy decision between listening to a long, boring lecture or taking a nap. Definitely taking a nap.

4. Library or Lunch?

For those in halls, once a lovely little lunch date is done with friends its back to halls for a tactical nap before your seminar and the night out with your hall buddies later on. Sounds great! Not for those who live at home. If your like me, who’s journey takes over an hour, after a lunch break there isn’t enough time to go home nap and come back. This means you spend at least 2 hours in the library doing completely nothing and sitting in the silent zone, headphones in trying to wish away the next 2 hours! However, the view from the 5th floor is something special, even on a typical rainy day!

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5. And the sesh begins!

The longest wait of your life is over and your seminars finished early as they always do because in true northern style, no-one read the reading before the lecture. Everyone slept through the lecture, so there isn’t much to discuss which only means one thing when a night out is on the cards.. let the drinking begin!

Have anything to add to a typical day of a Manchester Metropolitan University student!? Share in the comments below!

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