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The Typical Day of A Cardiff Metropolitan University Student

The Typical Day of A Cardiff Metropolitan University Student

Have you ever wondered what a uni student's day looks like? Well, here's what a typical day of a student at Cardiff Metropolitan University is all about.

Have you ever wondered what a uni student’s day looks like? Well, here’s what a typical day of a student at Cardiff Metropolitan University is all about.

The alarm clock strikes again.

Getting out of bed in the morning is where the struggle and search for motivation begins. The alarm goes off and instantly I regretted going out the night before and absolutely dread the sight of my new bank balance. Dragging my ass out of bed into the shower, things begin to look brighter and the day ahead is almost like a clean slate.

The bus journey.

I mean there is nothing lavish about standing in the rain and wind waiting for your bus, turning around to take a quick peek to double check the bus timetable, only to turn back around to see your bus down the road already. This was my first lesson well LEARNT. I made sure that today wouldn’t be the same! Checked the schedule, knew the exact time. Confident the bus catching would be happening. Walking, (steady pace mind you) at least a good 5.2 seconds away from the bus stop… THE BUS PULLS OUT AND DRIVES OFF! IT DRIVES OFF…I couldn’t believe my eyes; my jaw was so wide open I caught at least three flies.



The walk.

Waking up that morning thinking about what type of contour I would be applying, heavy or more natural. Of course on the day that it rained the most, I chose a good cake face. My newly learnt contour skills were sadly ruined by the downpour… I arrived at uni a drenched, melted and moody rat. However, that wasn’t going to stop me from having a fabulous day!

The lecturer.

I had a bubbly marketing lecturer whose idea of engaging with the students was (if your phone pinged) she would read your messages… or if you were on your laptop, she would politely hover next to you until you awkwardly smile, look up at her and slowly shut your laptop. If sat too far for her to hover, you get … the stare. If looks could melt a human within seconds, this one would! Be on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or watching porn (yes a student did that and yes he forgot his laptop was NOT on mute) this look is so powerful and attracts every ounce of your attention, you also produce the sheepish/awkward smile and slowly shut the laptop. Which at this point she bounces with joys and resumes the lecture.


Vivacious, vibrant and very theatrical, marketing lectures are never a bore. Engage and you honestly will learn A LOT. Be open minded to her style of teaching and adjust yourself (which isn’t hard for me I’m very comfortable with the stage setting and the “in your face” approach) and you will take it in and remember it when most needed.

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What else CMU offers that makes your day a good day!

Walk out your lecture and grab that fresh cup of whatever gives you a buzz, in any building. Each has their own hospitality area filled with naughty and nice snacks and drinks. Personally, the frappuccinos from Starbucks whisper my name as I leave lectures and the cake from costa pull me in the opposite direction. So I bounce around campus convincing myself that the calories I burn walking from building to building are a valid amount of burnt calories to consume my goodies. Whatever your mood there is a little corner calling your name. Whether it be a chill and catch up on your fav series on the library couches or a study table in the business building to absolutely smash that 2000 min word essay due in 24hrs. The plus side of having so many different topics to study is that every building offers a different and unique vibe and aura to assist every student’s needs, wants and cravings.

No matter if I wake up on the right or wrong side of the bed. 9/10 times going to uni and getting work done actually really improves my day. I can happily go home and lay my head on my pillow at night knowing that at the end of three years and all the naughty ventures and forcing myself to get that work done, I will have successfully built the foundation for the rest of my life.  So thank you CMU for accommodating all my needs and wants when it comes to that little corner that has my name on it.

What does your day look like compared to the typical day of a student at Cardiff Metropolitan University? Share in the comments below!
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