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The 6 Types Of People You’ll Meet At University

The 6 Types Of People You’ll Meet At University

The 6 Types Of People You'll Meet At University

There are just certain types of people at University you’re bound to meet, wherever you go.

Here’s our list of the 6 types of people you’ll definitely meet at University!

1. The Edgy Kid

This student relishes in the uni lifestyle. They’ll enjoy living in the squalor of an unclean flat and eat nothing but pot noodles and beans on toast.

They’ll walk about campus in edgy clothes and share a special bond with anyone they meet with the exact same music taste.

They don’t like the spotlight but will be the first to pose for daft photos and spend most nights out in the smoking area.

You might detest their dress sense and get sick of them playing their instruments late at night, but they’re often pretty cool people who make for good friends.

The 6 Types Of People You’ll Meet At University

2. The Hermit

The title of this article may be a little deceiving for this type of student granted you’ll barely get to see them at all, let alone meet them.

However, in your time at University, you will definitely meet someone who is so elusive you will often have to question at times if they’re still alive.

They’ll only ever emerge from their rooms to salvage food before quickly scurrying back, or to lodge a complaint about noise, flat cleanliness, or the fact that someone keeps stealing their food, even though no one is exactly sure which food is theirs.

This may be too damning an overview, as sometimes you’ll find that the hermit is actually a pretty cool person and you just need to give them time to come out of their shell.

That said, there are just some hermits that can’t be saved, and godspeed to any of you who have to communicate the need for collective cleaning and rotational bin-duty to these individuals.

The 6 Types Of People You’ll Meet At University

3. The Gap Year

You’re bound to meet someone at University who seems to have lived, or claims to have lived, half a lifetime by the time they rock up to University.

They’ve already travelled half the world and have done everything that you’ve done three times over. They’ll bring up the fact they took a gap year at every available juncture and have an Instagram feed longer than your course syllabus.

Its likely they won’t stress too much about money or their degree and come form a town far away you haven’t heard of, believing they’re culturally superior as they cook up a risotto whilst drinking a spiced latte.

However, just like everyone else they’ll end up mucking in with the uni lifestyle of leaving stacks of dirty dishes, having messy nights out they don’t remember and indulging in one too many brownies, which just about levels the playing field.

The 6 Types Of People You’ll Meet At University

4. The Sesh Head

This student lives for the sesh.

Expect them to be going on nights out every day of the week and somehow recovering from a hangover every time with ease, despite throwing up the contents of their stomach each time after too many jaegerbombs.

They’re always the first ones to suggest getting in more shots at the bar and always the last ones to leave the club before demanding to be taken to the local takeout for some kebab, pizza or pizza kebab.

Chances are one night you’ll have to shoulder the burden of looking after them as they stagger about and dance like a lunatic, before having to shoulder them literally by taking them home.

However, despite being a complete liability, they make for a great time as the life and soul of the party.

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The 6 Types Of People You’ll Meet At University

5. The Sports Fiend

You’re bound to meet someone at University so obsessed with their chosen sport they’ll be going to the gym 24/7 and never wearing anything but their trackies and team club shirts around campus.

They’ll always be talking about how their sport is the best and always going out on socials with their team, being rowdy and acting like the biggest and best drinkers on campus, when in truth they’re probably the biggest lightweights.

They’ll act like varsity matches are more important than their degree and always be the first to take their shirts off.

Many may not be ideal friend material, but they’re always a laugh and fun to be around.

The 6 Types Of People You’ll Meet At University

6. The perfect student

This student, in some capacity or another, always excels at what they do and take their degree more seriously than most. They’ll always make those 9 am’s that you skip and always be handing in coursework weeks before the deadline.

They’ll also get involved in extra-curricular activities and land a committee position almost effortlessly as they attempt to complete the perfect graduate CV.

Chances are they’ll sacrifice nights out for extra studying and cook up healthy meals that put your microwave pasta and oven pizzas to shame.

Having said that, many will take time to let their hair loose when their schedule permits, especially if they receive a high mark for a paper, in which case they may temporarily take on the form of a sesh head.

The 6 Types Of People You’ll Meet At University

Which type of University student are you? Let us know below!

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