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The 8 Types Of People You’ll Meet At Coventry University

The 8 Types Of People You’ll Meet At Coventry University

There are lot of different types of people you will meet at Coventry University. Here is a list of 8 of the people you will meet at Coventry University.

Coventry University has so many different types of people who you will encounter if you attend the university. These types of people range from the friendly people you see daily, to the people you saw once in September and did not see them again until the last day of term. Here are only 8 of the types of people you’ll meet at Coventry University.

1. The person who is always late for lectures or they don’t show up

Ironically, the minute you start paying for your education your punctuality gets worse. In the first couple weeks most people showed up to all the lectures and seminars. However, at Coventry University there is always that one person who always turns up late despite living in a student accommodation, near the university.

2. The person who never pays attention during lectures

I think we might all be guilty of being this person. Lectures are not the most fun things to be in and sometimes we sit there day dreaming. There is always at least one person who is either fast asleep in the lecture room or someone playing games on their laptop.


3. The party animal that goes to every motive

There is a popular motto that we live by at Coventry University – “live your best life!” Some people’s idea of living their best life is by partying a lot. This party animal knows about all the parties that are going on, whether it is a club event or someone’s flat they are surely going to be there.

The 8 Types Of People You’ll Meet At Coventry University

4. The un-serious candidate

There’s always that one person you know who is paying over £9,000 and they are not taking university seriously. They are missing lectures and are behind on notes. They are not handing in assignments nor revising for exams and they don’t seem to care. There are definitely quite a few un-serious candidates at Coventry University.


5. The person who lives in the library

The actual serious candidate who cares about doing well at university lives in the library. They don’t stop working and they start the assignments the day it gets set. They stay ahead of the class and put all the slackers to shame.

The 8 Types Of People You’ll Meet At Coventry University

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6. The flatmate who can’t cook

University is the place where a lot of people learn to cook. It’s the place where you have to fend for yourself. Every flat has at least one person who cannot cook and is always asking someone else to share their food. This flatmate lives on takeout and pot noodles.

7. The one who doesn’t sleep

I have to admit, since starting university my sleeping pattern no longer exists. At Coventry University sleep does not seem to exist, it seems as if everyone is allergic to sleep. There’s always that one person who is a night owl, they are more active at night than they are in the day time. They tend to stay in the common room until sunrise and they are always out at night.

8. “Anyone fancy grabbing a drink?”

Similar to the party animal, there is the one who loves to go out for drinks. Now I’m not talking the occasional drink now and then, I’m talking about the one who wants to go out drinking every day for no reason. Their room has alcohol bottles stacked on shelves. They are the first one to pop open a bottle of alcohol at a party and they will be the last person drinking, even when everyone else has stopped. They suggest playing a drinking game instead of watching a film.


The 8 Types Of People You’ll Meet At Coventry University

Comment down below if you have any other types of people you will meet at Coventry University.

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