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The Types Of Friends You Meet At University

The Types Of Friends You Meet At University

University is the time of your life where you'll meet some of your best friends. But the friends you meet can be kind of a mixed bag. Here are some.

I graduated from university this summer and over the past three years I have met a weird and wonderful selection of people who have truly enriched my university experience. However, I’ve found you can mainly narrow your university friendship group down to these ten types.

1. The Party Animal

This friend is not afraid to really get out there. Like, really out there. Basically every night. And they will try to drag you along with them. Just until midnight, they’ll say, but it’s never just until midnight, and you will never make that 9am. This is also the friend who insists on making memories. This friend goes hand in hand with:

2. The Easily Persuaded One

This friend will pretend they will not go to the thing with you for about 10 seconds, and then cave and act as though you forced them into it even though they were probably planning to go anyway. Whether it’s on a night out or a trip to the zoo, this friend is up for anything and will always be your shenanigan sidekick.


3. The Relationship Mess

This friend either goes through romantic prospects like they’re recycling or has a bunch of seemingly never-ending relationship problems with their current partner. Either way, you have listened to a lot of frustrated rants, tearful moments, and everything else that comes in a university relationship ten times over.

4. The Coffee Addict

You’re not quite sure how this friend survives, but make no mistake, coffee is in their lifeblood. They claim to never sleep more than three hours a night and the bags under their eyes confirm this is true. They will have a loyalty card to Starbucks and will also carry around an obnoxiously large portable coffee cup too, just to be on the safe side.

5. The Society Queen

This friend seems to have joined every society available in first year and is probably president of at least four. They seem to mix flawlessly with wildly different societies, from 80s Music to Law, and have a diverse bunch of friends that pop up everywhere. This person is also probably nominated for at least two awards at any given time.


6. The Popular One

Similar to The Society Queen, this friend has at least five different friendship groups that they seamlessly co-ordinate different events with based on their shared interests. They will almost constantly be busy and have no time for lounging about between lectures like everybody else. A good friend to know in a crisis.

7. The One You Kind of Have a Crush On

You’re probably not as close to this friend, but when you do see them, there’s a nagging voice in your head telling you that you definitely have a thing for them. You can try and push it deep down into your subconscious, but when they come in looking beautifully windswept, you can’t deny that you looked at them entering the room for a little too long.

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8. The Rich One

You never realised how rich this friend was until you broke up for the summer and saw they went on seven holidays in two months. In fact, you don’t think they’ve actually touched English soil in weeks. Their Instagram feed is flooded with beautiful designer bags and shoes and large hotels you could only ever dream of going to. It’s a rough life being friends with this pal.

9. The Sporty One

We all have a sporty friend. They’ve turned up to lectures sweaty, hair scraped back, kit still on, and proceeded to not pay attention at all. They’ve attended several charity fundraisers with their team and gone on plenty of pub crawls too. You went to watch them play once and secretly left halfway through because you got bored, but you still support this friend by posting appreciative good luck messages in the group chat so they know you’re rooting for them.

10. The One Who Has It All Together

Ah, this friend. The one with perfect pastel notes and full array of gel pens. The friend who co-ordinates their bag with their outfit. The friend who doesn’t turn up sweating from speed-walking to class because they left a reasonable amount of time to make their way there. This friend will not offer you comfort; they will complete all essays three weeks before the due date and start dissertation reading halfway through second year. We all aspire to be this friend.

Those are the ten types of friend you will encounter at university – let me know if you can relate down below!
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