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The 8 Types Of Boys/Girls You’ll Meet At Leeds Becket University

The 8 Types Of Boys/Girls You’ll Meet At Leeds Becket University

Here's the 8 types of students you'll meet at Leeds Becket University - which one are you and which ones are your friends?

Leeds Beckett University. Where do I begin? You’re in for a treat. If you’re lucky enough to experience it then here are The 8 Types Of Boys/Girls You’ll Meet At Leeds Becket University.

1. The Sesh Heads.

Leeds Becket University is definitely not short of sesh heads. In a city where the nightlife doesn’t end when the sun comes up. If the clubs are closing, then the dark house parties are just getting started. These type of people don’t have a particular style, it’s normally the ones you least expect. Sesh Heads also include those who travel and sesh i.e Tour, Ski Trips and Exploring other northern seshing communities. These are the majority of people who came from Mill Street or Marsden.

2. The Sports Alumni.

Like most Polly universities, Leeds Becket University is among those who are all for the sport (Up The Beckett!). These are the kids you’ll find in Pryzm on a Wednesday – front left in the Main room and a few may explore to the Cheesy room for a few old school crackers. With a few VK’s in hand, these folk are harmless. Undeniably you’ll see them for a cheeky Maccies at 3am before heading home.


3. The Stoners.

Also known as the invisible Leeds Becket students. These are the people who turn up at graduation but you’ve never seen them in your entire university career. They are the people you’ll never put a face to a name and you wonder how they even passed. Credit to these kids.

4. The Library Crew.

Just kidding! You won’t find anyone in the Leeds Becket Libary until the week of exams. Beckett isn’t known for preparation in the field of doing actual work. Maybe you’ll be lucky to see a couple of late night goers sprinkled throughout the year but I wouldn’t hold your breath.

5. Basement Junkies.

See you’d probably think these are the same as ‘Sesh Heads’ but you’re mistaken. Basement Junkies leave when it’s dark and return when it’s dark. You’ll see these creatures heading to Canal Mills, Warehouse or some unheard of rave. You’ll be lucky to spot one!


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6. The Graduates.

Every year there’s a few of these lurking around. With no want or need to let go of the Becket ways, they continue being the spirit of the party. These ex Leeds Beckett University Students have knowledge of the city and can guide you to the best spots. Although they may have graduated, they are still young at heart. To be fair, who can blame them for hanging around? Juggling real-life work and seshing, you’ve got to give them credit.


7. Heels and Dresses.

On a special occasion, Leeds Beckett girls will dress to impress! These girls will be heading for Backrooms to channel their inner urban sass, pulling out old school hip-hop moves from the black heritage they never had. By 1am the heels will be off because realistically it was just for the gram.

The 10 Types Of People You'll Meet At Leeds Beckett University


8. The Daily Commuters.

You can’t help but feel sorry the last group of Leeds Becket University students. The commuters. These are the kids that are dedicated and are missing all the fun. You’ll see them in pretty much every lecture. They are normally the ones who are actually there for the degree.  They are polite and sweet but don’t really fit into a category. Sometimes you look at them and envy their home luxuries but you return to your rotting house in Headingley and remember Leeds is home now.

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