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The Truth About Uni That No One Tells You

The Truth About Uni That No One Tells You

Knowing the truth about uni is important when you're a new student entering university. Here are the things that nobody tells you.

When going to university most people will tell you it’s going to be amazing and some of the best years of your life, but in reality, it’s not always like that. Sometimes it’s just okay and nothing more and that’s fine. But painting this image of a perfect life at university isn’t the reality that many live by. Here is the truth about uni that you don’t know.

1. It may not be the best year of your life

First year of university may not be the best year of your life, and that’s the honest truth. It certainly wasn’t the best year of my life. Don’t get me wrong, I’ve made friends and my course is good, but it hasn’t blown me away, it’s just been average and that’s it. The first year of university is painted as the peak of your entire life, first year grades don’t count, you go and party every night with your new friends for life, and everything is simple. The reality is that despite first year not counting you’ll still slave over your work, desperate to keep up with everyone else and although you’ll go out quite a bit, always regret it due to the unwholly hangover the next day.

2. First year won’t be nonstop partying for everyone

My first-year experience of going out was certainly not how everyone had said it was going to be. First term we went out most weekends, but by second term we went out once every month and then by third term we were lucky if we even went out once the whole term. Now this will honestly depend the type of people you are in a flat with and the friends you make. My flat wasn’t really into going out that much, whereas the flat above us went out every week without fail.


3. You might not make friends for life

Now this is one of the harsher truths I’m here to tell but for some this is how it goes. Everyone expects to meet their best friends at uni and yes, most of the time you do end up with best friends and friends you’ll live with into second and third year, but they might not stick around after uni ends. And although this sound sad, it’s just the way it goes sometimes. I’ve been at university for a year and so far, I can’t say I’ve really clicked with anyone that much that I’ll be chasing after them when we leave. But hey, I do have another two years left so who knows.

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4. You don’t have to live off microwave meals

Everyone assumes uni students have no knowledge of the kitchen and don’t have any comprehension of recipes that don’t involve the microwave. Honestly, I definitely had some flatmates that fit this stereotype, but a lot of students at university seem to know a lot more than most people think. I am forever baking sweet treats and homemade pies for dinner. My recipe collection is endless and the only time I end up using the microwave is to heat up that cup of tea I forgot about again… oops


5. You won’t enjoy every moment of your course

You’ve probably been waiting to start University for years, getting excited for the day you can finally focus on that one subject you are passionate about. But believe me, it’s not always that exciting. Maybe for the first month you’ll soak in the wisdom of your lecturers but soon it wears off and you might even find yourself skipping some lectures to stay in bed. Don’t be disappointed though, this is university, and everyone does it. So just go back to bed and relax already.

What do you think is the truth about uni students should know? What is the truth about uni you with you had known? Tell us in the comments!
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