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The Truth About Losing Your Virginity

The Truth About Losing Your Virginity

Here are a few truths about losing your virginity you should know before sealing the deal!

It doesn’t matter if you’re 16 or 30, losing you’re virginity is always… Interesting. You can never prepare for your first time, so stop watching all of those movies and flipping through the Kama Sutra, they won’t help. Which is good, believe it or not! Experiencing a “first” is supposed to be new and unfamiliar, you’re meant to be surprised and you’re not meant to be totally prepared for it. However, I think these truths about losing your virginity are important to know before you seal the deal.

1. It Tends To Be Hella Awkward, But Also Exciting

Losing your virginity is awkward and exciting because it’s completely new. The moment before it happens is really exciting, because you’re a bit nervous but really turned on. However, newness usually comes with awkwardness, unfortunately. Especially if you’re both virgins. I mean, just figuring out how to position yourselves is awkward when you’re both virgins.The Truth About Losing Your Virginity

2. It May Hurt

Yep, sorry girls. Saying goodbye to your virginity can hurt like a bitch. I’m not saying that it’s like that for all women and I’m not saying it’s doesn’t feel good at all during a woman’s first time, I’m just speaking from personal experience. For me, it felt like a really uncomfortable pressure. However, some girls I know were completely fine and didn’t feel any pain during their first time. It all just depends. If your first time does hurt or feel a little uncomfortable, don’t worry, once you’ve had a few practice rounds, it gets much better.The Truth About Losing Your Virginity


3. No, Your Hymen Won’t ‘Break’

A common misconception is that a girl’s hymen will ‘break’ and she will bleed when she loses her virginity. This proves that she’s a virgin. This notion couldn’t be any more wrong. First of all, sex may stretch the hymen or may cause a tiny tear or change in the shape, but it doesn’t really ‘break’, it just stretches. Second of all, it is common for girls NOT to bleed their first time. If they do bleed, it’s typically a tiny amount of blood and it might not even be coming from the hymen. Tiny splits can happen in other parts of the vagina. So don’t worry, your sheets won’t look like that scene from ‘The Shining’.The Truth About Losing Your Virginity

4. It’s Not Like It Is In The Movies

This can be seen as a good thing and a bad thing. You know how in movies a guy loses his virginity and he only lasts 3.4 seconds and the girl bleeds a lot cause her hymen’s been ripped open. Thankfully, it’s not like this at all. Unfortunately, it’s most likely not going to be some magical experience like in ‘The Notebook’ either. To be safe, get rid of any pre-conceived ideas you have about losing your virginity, based on movies.


The Truth About Losing Your Virginity

5. It Will Change Your Relationship

When you lose your virginity, your relationship is bound to change. It can bring you closer to your partner because you’ve shared such an intimate experience, especially if you’re both virgins. You never forget your first time, so you’ll always remember that moment together. However, losing your virginity can also make things weird. Not necessarily in a bad way, it just feels different. It’s a change for your relationship and for you personally, going from having no sex life, to having one. It can raise a lot of questions for you, but these can be answered through good communication with your partner. The Truth About Losing Your Virginity


Finally, it’s so important to make sure you’re ready when you do choose to lose your virginity. Comment down below what you wish you knew before you lost your virginity!

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