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The Trendiest Notebooks You Need For University

The Trendiest Notebooks You Need For University

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Every year for the past six or so years I have gone out and bought myself notebooks for all my classes. I have received many compliments on my immaculate notebook choices and I pride myself on picking out appropriate notebooks for class based on the subject and feel. You could say I’m a teensy bit obsessed, but what’s the point of going to class if you don’t have cute stationary to cheer you up? Here’s a list of six of the trendiest notebooks you should purchase for this year!

1. Kate Spade Quick and Curious Spiral Notebook

Confession: I am obsessed with Kate Spade notebooks. I try to buy one every year because I think they are genuinely beautiful and they make me want to actually take notes. This one is in a gorgeous robin-egg blue colour and has the iconic Kate Spade golden spiral at the side to make everyone around you envious. Their quality is always brilliant for the price too!


2. Paperchase I’m Not Your Babe Lined Notebook

Get straight to the point and let all those crusty boys (or girls) in your lectures know what you’re about. Plus, it will probably be a good talking point amongst those you sit next to because everybody loves a good notebook. If you don’t, I have nothing to say to you. This bright, simple notebook comes with smooth lined pages perfect for jotting down anything from notes to doodles to secret notes to yourself. Hey, sometimes you need the pep talk.

3. Iconic Essay Book v.6 / Serenity Blue

Iconic’s quirky notebooks have been around for a while now, but this one is probably my favourite because it is reminiscent of an old-school composition book, hence the name. The blue colour is my preferred look because it is so calming but the notebook comes in five other colours besides the blue so there’s a colour for everyone! This style also tends to sell out quite fast so get buying if you love it! This is one of the trendiest notebooks out there!


4. Moleskine Peter Pan Limited Edition Notebook (Pirates)

Currently on sale from £21.99, this notebook’s design lets you indulge your inner child whilst investing in quality. The quote is adorable, and the pockets on the inside offer a useful space to store loose documents that you are given in lectures until you get home. Moleskine is also always great quality – you really can’t go wrong with one! Limited edition Moleskine notebooks tend to sell out incredibly quickly though, so go, go, go!

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5. Skinnydip Hold On Faux Leather Notebook & Pen

If you’re one to let people know how it is (and what it is is a bout of overthinking), this notebook is perfect for you! It comes in a pretty blue colour with a bonus pen, and its exterior is in a lovely plush faux-leather that’s soft to the touch. This one is also good to sling in your bag as the material is slightly padded meaning it won’t get bent amongst all the other rubbish in there! Nothing like a slogan notebook to match your new slogan tee.


6. Papier Demi Pink Hardback Lined Notebook

Papier is one of my favourite sites for notebooks because you can personalise them! There are so many other designs to choose from but I love the simplicity of this two-tone notebook. The paper is brilliant quality too; crisp and a dream to write on. You can make it say whatever you like on the front, so get creative if that’s your thing! This is definitely one of the trendiest notebooks you can buy!

Now get scribbling (in matching gel pens, of course)! What do you think are the trendiest notebooks you can get for uni? Tell us in the comments!
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