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The Top 6 Face Masks We’re Obsessed With

The Top 6 Face Masks We’re Obsessed With

The Top 6 Face Masks We're Obsessed With

Choosing a face mask is no laughing matter. We don’t want to ruin our spa day by choosing one that either has no effect whatsoever or, worse still, gives you an awful reaction. No, choosing a face mask is serious business, especially if you’re getting one that lasts more than one use. But don’t stress, we’ve done the hard work for you by picking out six face masks you’ll quickly become obsessed with.

1. BECALM Soothing Mask- Temple Spa

This mask is super cool and lightweight on your face and works absolute wonders softening up your skin. With a gentle, plumping formula, this mask contains both anti-aging agents and multiple vitamins that help to firm your skin. As a “rescuing mask,” it’s especially good for broken and sensitive skin, and with extracts of apricot and chamomile, it smells amazing too!

2. Tea Tree and Witch Hazel Charcoal Face Mask- Boots

This Boots own brand deep cleansing and detoxifying mask not only clears and purifies your skin, but it’s antibacterial too! It’s one that you leave on for a while (approx 15 minutes), but it doesn’t become uncomfortable on your skin as some other face masks do, so you can get a proper relaxing deep-cleanse spa treatment. This one is a great choice economically, as it does basically the same job as charcoal nose strips, but at £4, it’s both at the lower end of your price range and lasts multiple uses.


3. Aloe Soothing Rescue Cream Mask- The Body Shop

The body shop is great for all skin care products; both in terms of fragrance and performance, but this cream face mask is one of our favourites. Just like Boots’ Tea Tree and Witch Hazel face mask, this product is a great treatment for sensitive skin, and cool and soothing to apply, as it contains no added fragrance or preservatives. You can use it both as a night cream and a face mask, depending on whether you leave it on for 20 mins or overnight- plus, as with all of the Body Shop‘s products, the ingredients for this mask have been ethically sourced.

4. T-Zone Australian Pink Clay Mask

This gorgeous pink Australian Clay Mask is cool on your skin, the Kakadu plum extract giving it a delicious fragrance. With ingredients including aloe, witch hazel, and rosemary, this mask closes your pores and gives your skin a bright glow due to the presence of nourishing vitamins a, c and e. The fact that it is a clay-based mask means that it is sufficiently thick; so you don’t have to apply multiple layers.

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5. Balancing Gel Mask- Liz Earle

This refreshing gel-based mask is suited to all skin types. With a super-soft cotton cloth included, and scents of Elderflower, Meadowsweet and Lime flower, this face mask is a real treat!

6. GLOW JOB- Radiance- Boosting Glitter Face Mask- Too Faced

Aesthetically, this mask has to be one of our favourite face masks of all time. It has the super-satisfying peel-off effect of a single use face mask, but it’s a product you can use multiple times. Infused with real gold, yes, real gold, it lightens your complexion, and evens out your skin before doing a full face of makeup! This mask is more widely available in the US, but you can get it online from places like Ebay, and hopefully, it’ll become more widely available in the UK soon too!

Do you have any fave face masks that haven’t made the list? Let us know what we’re missing out on in the comments below!

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