The Top 10 Destiny’s Child Outfits

In case you missed it, Destiny’s Child is cool again. Or not “again”, because Beyonce never left us, but Kelly Rowland is killin’ it on ‘The Voice Australia’, and Michelle is somewhere, doing something, probably. Their recent Beychella performance launched us all back to the era of R&B girl groups and coordinated looks, so let’s take a look back at the best Destiny’s Child outfits.

1. 2001’s Green Trio

Destiny’s Child outfits can be characterised as being the same, but different. And this trio of green sequin dresses is no different. Each dress has its own distinct style for each member of Destiny’s Child, and showcases the lil’ bit of body and glamour that the group was known for.

The Top 10 Destiny’s Child Outfits

2. 2001’s Boy Scout Chic

This is definitely costume-y, but who cares? There’s some serious nostalgia attached to these sexualised scout uniforms, which Destiny’s Child wore to the ’01 Nickelodeon Kids Choice Awards. The slight differentiation in their shirts adds that extra little bit of fashion to these Destiny’s Child outfits and puts them among the best of the group’s fashion legacies.

The Top 10 Destiny’s Child Outfits

3. 2001’s MTV Awards

It’s cowgirl-chic in questionable orange, giant fringe skirts, and blue-grey boots. But hey, the 2000s were a different time. Plus, considering the era, this look totally works. Destiny’s Child looks cohesively like a girl group, but each member has their own individual touches. Not to mention, pulling off that Texan glam look is rarely done successfully – so props to them!

The Top 10 Destiny’s Child Outfits

4. 1998’s Tommy Hilfiger Outfits

These outfits are a real throwback – Michelle Williams who? During a time when Destiny’s Child was a quartet and not a trio, they brought us this four-person look for a ’98 Hilfiger event. This is a look that has stood the test of time, and Tommy Hilfiger’s brand has done the same too.  If it weren’t for the baby-faced ScarJo, this look could totally be from a modern-day Destiny’s Child reunion.

The Top 10 Destiny’s Child Outfits

5. 1998’s Baroque Looks

Another look that stands the test of time – especially with the 90’s resurgence going on – are these baroque dresses, which are still ultra cool in the present day. The purple lining is a pop of mod on what is a very old-school print, and the ensemble is something we still appreciate as a killer look today.

The Top 10 Destiny’s Child Outfits

6. 2001’s Barbie Doll Co-Ords

What’s better than Destiny’s Child coordinating with each other? Destiny’s Child coordinating with their Barbie Dolls! The vibrant blue of these Destiny’s Child outfits is almost as iconic as the group getting their own Barbie Dolls.

The Top 10 Destiny’s Child Outfits

7. 2013’s Halftime Reunion

Bey knows how to put on a show – and a decade on from Destiny’s Child, she brought them back for a killer Superbowl Halftime Show. While we all know that Beyonce has only gotten better and better, this moment proved that the group as a whole has still got it!

8. 2018’s Beychella Reunion

Yes, Bey brought back Destiny’s Child not once, not twice, but three times – and each time it was even bigger and better. Not possible, you say? It’s Beyonce, we reply. And she can do whatever she wants – including topping her own legacy. Plus, it’s super cool to see that Destiny’s Child will never stop serving us those coordinated outfits we all love.

9. 2018’s Beychella, Part 2

You thought they were done? Nah. Destiny’s Child served us not one, but two iconic looks for Beychella – and we couldn’t go without showing them both! Sparkly silver, anyone?

10. 2000’s Bejewelled Bras

Taking it back again, because there’s nothing better than an OG Destiny’s Child look. These stoned bras and all-white ensemble looks are cute, fun, and, most importantly, they’re the reason why we love Destiny’s Child. Our girls were branching out and setting trends before fashion even knew it, showing off rhinestone-studded shirts and chain mail bras. This definitely isn’t all their iconic looks, but it’s enough to remind us just how badly we wish we could dress in co-ord looks with our besties.

What Destiny’s Child looks are your fave? Rave about it in the comments!

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