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The Top Cafes In London You Have To Try

The Top Cafes In London You Have To Try

Looking for some of the top cafes in London to try out? These cafes and coffee shops are the nicest London has to offer! So what're you waiting for? Grab a coffee from one of these restaurants today!

If you happen to be a perfectionist, finding the perfect spot for a casual hangout, reading, doing work on your laptop, or simply people-watching can take some time. But the truth is, there are so many cool and chic cafes in London waiting for you. And that doesn’t necessarily call for Starbucks or Costa. Whether you want to have quality time inside a place that promotes sustainability or befriend a puppy or cat while you’re drinking delicious coffee, here is a list of the top cafes in London that you have to try!

Lady Dinah’s Cat Emporium

This is the only London café when you get to have coffee but also play with the cutest kittens ever! But please be quiet when you enter, as some of them may be asleep!

TY Seven Dials

This is one of the best places in town to work from. Located in Covent Garden, the café offers specialty tea and coffee but also meeting rooms that are open for bookings.


Cereal Killer Café

Who doesn’t like cereal in the morning? Nobody. But who said you can’t have cereal at one of the coolest streets in East London, Brick Lane? On your next day out, visit this lovely café and try cereals from British to American to Global.

Pugs and Pals

There’s nothing better than being accompanied by a cute little pug while having coffee in the afternoon. Pet time is the best time!

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Based in Notting Hill and Battersea, this café bakes biscuits to utmost perfection! It has also been named as one of London’s Most Instagrammable Places by Vogue and Evening Standard, so if you want to take your Instafeed to the next level, you might consider paying Biscuiteers a visit soon.

The Attendant

Once-an-underground-toilet with Victorian urinals still in place, The Attendant is one of the quirkiest spots in London. With its fresh produce-driven seasonal menu and locations in Fitzrovia, Shoreditch, and Clerkenwell, it is definitely worth a visit!

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