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The Things I Learned From Getting An Impulse Tattoo

The Things I Learned From Getting An Impulse Tattoo

These impulse tattoo lessons I learned from my first tattoo are some things I wish I knew before getting my tattoo, be prepared for the outcome!

I’m sure you’ve heard the stories and seen the programs on TV, so you probably know how it goes. Drunken night out with your best friend and they see someone dancing next to you with a snake tattoo wrapped around the top of their arm. What a great idea! We should both get tattoos immediately! So, we did, and I have no regrets, but you definitely learn a lot from your first impulse tattoo. Especially when it’s a drunken impulse.

1. It really is no one else’s business but your own.

When you get your first impulse tattoo, especially on impulse people love to tell you if they like it or not. Normally, you can tell by the expression on their face but if you like it then who really cares what other people think? And if they’re rude enough to look disgusted and say “why would you want something like that? You know it’s on your body FOREVER, right?” Then are they really the kind of people you want to lose sleep over worrying about? Your tattoo is your tattoo. And that’s it.

2. The elderly really do hate tattoos.

My grandparents try to always be supportive about everything I do but I think the tattoo might have been a bit much for them to handle. Especially, as it was so out of the blue. My nan doesn’t hold back and has decided for me that I won’t be getting anymore after this one… Probably shouldn’t tell her I’ve already got another two since then? Sorry Nan. But I like them.


3. That there doesn’t have to be a ‘type’ of person to get one.

The most frequent comment I received was “you don’t seem like the type to get tattoos”. But honestly, what is the type? A big bulky man who has an eagle across his back and a lion on his chest, to symbolise his masculinity? Sure, maybe there is someone like that but why is that the only ‘type’ of person who gets tattoos. If someone says you’re not “the type” then obviously they must be wrong as you have a tattoo and therefore you’re someone who gets tattoos? Right?

4. That it doesn’t have to be a huge mistake.

When getting a spontaneous tattoo, the first thought that comes to people’s minds is that you’ll regret it. Even if it’s not straight away but when “you’re old and grey”. I can honestly say I love my tattoos, even my spontaneous one and wouldn’t have my body any other way. Maybe I will regret then when I’m older but right now I can say with confidence I’m proud to have them on my body.

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5. It can be a huge confidence booster.

Getting something you genuinely love on your body can be massive for confidence. It makes you want to wear that skirt you always thought was a bit short, just to show off the tattoo on your thigh. It makes you feel proud to show off your body and why shouldn’t you? You have a literal piece of art on your body. And there is no prouder moment than when someone asks where you got it, because they’re looking to have a tattoo done too. Trust me.

6. I really love cats.

After quickly deciding we were going to get tattoos, we had a short walk to raid Pinterest for inspiration. My friend got a flying car beaming up an alien. And yes, that’s true. I got a small origami cat on my ankle. And now three tattoos later I also have a large cat portrait on my other leg, so I guess you could say after getting an impulse tattoo I cemented my love for cats.

Do you have a impulse tattoo of your own? What did you learn after your impulse decision? Tell us in the comments.

Featured image: Pinterest