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The Sweet Tooth’s Guide: Great Dessert Places In Manchester

The Sweet Tooth’s Guide: Great Dessert Places In Manchester

The Sweet Tooth's Guide: Great Dessert Places In Manchester

Have you got a sweet tooth? A weakness for dessert places? Is dessert your favourite meal of the day? Me too! It can be hard to know where to look for the best of the best when it comes to dessert. Here in Manchester, you can be so spoiled for choice with all the incredible gelato parlours, Indian desserts on the curry mile, and funky cake boutiques in the Northern Quarter. So, to narrow it down to smidge, why not get your sweet tooth down to these great Manchester dessert places!

1. Black Milk

A once in a lifetime dessert must for any respectable Mancunian. Black milk, the cereal café most popular for it’s sugar-filled cereal selections served with all kinds of flavoured milks and toppings. When it comes to satisfying sweet cravings, there isn’t a café that does it better.

However, the surprising gem on top of a visit to Black milk isn’t the cereals, but the mason jar milkshakes that they make from scratch and layer up with slices of cake, whipped cream and toasted marshmallows. Because you can never have enough marshmallows!


2. Home Sweet Home

Want some cake with that icing? Because that’s what you’ll get at HSH. Apart from their regular diner menu (which is filled with all things deliciously fried, greasy diner style), the desserts and milkshakes are the winners that’ll make you feel right at home! And just when you think it’s just another American diner, they’ll hit you with three-tier cakes that have icing and chocolate cookies piled on top, they hit you with sugar-dusted mountain high stacks of bacon and waffles drenched in maple syrup!

But the thing that sets HSH apart from other dessert places? The staff are friendly! They know the menus inside out. So, ask for a recommendation! They’ll gladly give you one.

3. Bonbon Chocolate Boutique

No article about dessert places would be complete without the mention of chocolate. And this one is for the classy chocolate lover. Bonbon Chocolate boutique stands apart in Manchester as an artisan chocolatier café that makes all of its product within the shop! Though this dessert place is on the expensive side, it’s a must-go place for its delicate truffles made from Valrhona chocolate, and -I kid you not- the BEST vegan hot chocolate you will ever have in your life.


4. Delhi Sweet Centre

One of the best things about dessert places in Manchester? The variety. And you cannot go a list about Manchester without mentioning the famous curry mile. The Delhi Sweet Centre, however, is not a curry house, but a traditional Indian sweet store. You only need to pass it on the street to realise why it is considered one of the greats. The mouth-watering sight of a window with stacks upon stacks of kesar peda, barfi, ladoo and so much more. It’s just asking you to stop by and pick up a massive box of jalebi- because really, there is no such thing as a small portion when it comes to Indian food.

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5. Happy Lemon

From India to China! This teeny-tiny bubble tea store sits on the outskirts of China town near Manchester city centre and is favoured by the local Chinese population. And once you go there, it’s not hard to see why! Happy Lemon is famed for its authentic flavour rather than any attempts at flare. Their bubble tea is honest, straight an simple.


But the real hidden gem that sets Happy Lemon apart from other dessert places isn’t actually the tea, but the cheesecakes that are also sold there. Because what goes better with bubble tea than a light and creamy cheesecake! For the adventurous foodie, give the durian flavoured cheesecake a try, to add a musky and creamy surprise to your cheesecake.

6. Gelato Passion

Another gem that’s found along the Curry Mile. Gelato passion is everything that its name says. They have passion. And it’s for gelato. An abundance of choice in flavour is available to have in a cone, on waffles, or on a cake of your own choosing. If you ever head to gelato passion, make sure you try out their peanut butter cake with raspberry sorbet. Kind of like a PB&J sandwich deconstructed into ice cream! It’s the perfect after-dinner treat!

Have you given any of these Manchester dessert places a try? Let us know all about it in the comments below!

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