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The Reality of Friendships After University

The Reality of Friendships After University

The Reality of Friendships After University

Friendship after university is a struggle in itself. You’ll find that you’ll have to put a lot more work in than you may have done before. Here are five things that’ll happen with your university friends after you’ve all finished your degrees.

1. Schedule Conflicts

The age old concern of the time conflicts. Having some friends who now work through the week and others working at the weekend, it’s safe to say that finding a day in the month might be a bit of a struggle. It may be the case that either party will have to book a day off from work to make any plans liable. That, or you squeeze in a few hours after your work to meet. You may find that it’ll be weeks, even months before you’re all completely free to do something.

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2. Odd Locations for Meet Ups

You’ve all moved back home and you’re scattered all over the country. So a lot of them live in the midlands, but then a few of you live further north or all the way down south. As a result, you have to compromise on where a feasible area for you to meet up actually lies. It may not be the case that they’ll come to you every time.

3. Travelling Will Become Essential

Being all over the place, travel is inevitable. Car, train, bus, which is the best to take!? If you drive, drinks are out of the window, unless you do stay with someone for the night. The last train from your meet up leaves at 10PM. A taxi back will cost you a bomb. It may just be worth planning a weekend away when you can, to make the miles worthwhile.


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4. Costs Will Skyrocket

It’ll all cost money. Before, you probably could have met somewhere in town or at one another’s house. But it’s all flipped on its head now. If you’re planning to stay, does the nearest host have enough room for you all? Will you be splitting on a hotel? You’ll need to pay for food when you’re out too. It all causes a crunch on your payslip. Goodbye to student deals now that you’ve graduated, too!

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5. Less Drama in the Group

Some of you may have used to live together. You would have been first and centre for all things drama. You may have had a hand in the drama. But now you’re apart, your communication may be a little lack lustre. While your group chats used to be filled with memes and rants, you may find its now about when you’re actually going to do something, or mild ramblings about what happened at work that day.

Friendships are just as an important piece of your life as your romantic relationships. That's why it's important to treat them as such!


What did you learn about your friendships after university? Tell us in the comments!

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