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The Real Slimming Teas That Actually Work – Without Harming Your Body!

The Real Slimming Teas That Actually Work – Without Harming Your Body!

If adverse effects aren't your cuppa, we’ve found a few real slimming teas that will actually help you on your weight loss journey.  

Jameela Jamil couldn’t have said it better herself. “Give us the discount codes to your nutritionists, personal chefs, personal trainers, you bloody liars!Detox teas aka ‘slimming teas’ are laxatives in disguise. Widely promoted across all social media platforms, by both wealthy celebrities and fitness-obsessed influencers as the quick-fix cure-all for all of your weight-related hangups, these ‘magical’ teas aren’t as glamorous or as healthy as they seem.

What makes it a ‘Teatox’?

An ingredient in most, if not all of the slimming teas on the market contain something called senna, a plant known for its laxative effects – and most of these boxes promote drinking the tea twice a day for upwards of two weeks. This is where the gimmick takes a nasty turn as it promotes the abuse of laxatives and encourages people to purge their bodies of water and electrolytes, something the kidneys, liver and other organs are designed to do very carefully. Here are the dangers of Laxative abuse:

  • Dehydration, often severe.
  • Damage to the internal organs
  • Constipation and laxative dependence
  • Depletion of crucial electrolytes and minerals
  • An increased risk of colon cancer

Doctors and scientists are so worried about the potential long-term damage these detox teas could inflict, petitions have been made for the ingredient senna to be removed.


If adverse effects like stomach cramps, diarrhoea, headaches, nausea and vomiting are not your cup of tea, we’ve found a few teas that will actually help you on your weight loss journey.  

Green Tea

We all know green tea is incredibly healthy for you. It’s one of the main ingredients of the so-called slimming teas! But how does it actually help you?

Green tea contains a tonne of medicinal properties that will help you in more ways than one. It’s rich in polyphenols and catechins, substances that can reduce inflammation, help fight off cancer and reduce the formation of free radicals that can cause damage, illness and poor ageing. Green tea has also been shown to boost the metabolic rate and increase fat burning!  Some studies have shown that drinking green tea over a long period of time will help you lose weight slowly.


Rooibos Tea

Also known as red bush tea, Rooibos tea is an antioxidant-rich herbal tea made from plants traditionally grown in the south of Africa and is typically consumed like black tea. Though, rooibos lattes have become a popular way to drink it. Naturally free of caffeine and oxalic acid, Rooibos tea can be enjoyed at any time of the day and is especially great for those with kidney problems. It’s also low in tannins compared to green tea, which have been shown to mess with the absorption of iron.

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A cup of Rooibos tea contains less than a handful of calories in comparison to a cappuccino which can contain up to 190! In addition, of its many antioxidants, an important few play a role in combating overeating and have been directly linked through various studies to weight loss.  For additional health benefits, drink as a chai, with or without milk.


White Tea

Perhaps the most underestimated tea, white tea is made with the same leaves as black or green tea, but it hasn’t been nearly as ‘processed’ allowing it to keep most of its powerful properties. Studies have shown that white tea possesses the most polyphenols of the lot and the ability to prevent new fat cells from forming. High in caffeine like green tea, an added benefit for some, the caffeine will also boost the metabolism and further break down fats.

We’re not experts but we recommend drinking only one cup of either of these teas a day along with healthy eating and exercise to achieve true results, just like the celebrities endorsing the so-called ‘slimming’ teas.

Have you tried any of these teas? Let us know how they’ve helped you down in the comments.

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