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The Pros And Cons Of Having Sex In Public Places

The Pros And Cons Of Having Sex In Public Places

Sex in public places is now more exciting than ever, here are some pros and cons of having sex in public places and how to do so safely.

It is important to explore our intimate relationships with the same vivacity we would our greatest passions. Having sex in public places is one sure fire way to attend to your libido while also embracing new flavours and adventure. As is the case with all sexual encounters consent and understanding is non-negotiable. Because of this, here are the pros and cons of having sex in public places so you and your partner can make informed choices.

The Rush Of Adrenalin That Ensues

Engaging in sex with another person already produces a number of hormones that are then released into our systems, if we are lucky these are pleasurable feelings. As is the case with many relationships, there comes a time when two people meet a plateau and some exhilarating behaviour is required in order to improve the state of the relationship these two individuals share. Having sex in public is one way you can invite more passionate arousal to you both. The excitement from having sex in public places very quickly becomes a palpable sensation as the rush of adrenalin fills you both, warm and fast. It is a feeling incomparable to others.

It Evokes A Different Kind Of Intimacy

As having sex in public places comes associated with some risk, partners will find they discover a level of intimacy they have never experienced before as a result of it. As the pair of you engage in this rebellious and satisfying act you bond and nurture an animalistic component of our natures. Is there a greater pleasure than delving deeper into your desires with the person who you desire most ardently? Having sex in public places can often act as a gateway to a healthier connection.


It’s Really Fun!

Just as people are inherently different and unique, the same can be said for our sex lives. But it is widely suspected that a large proportion of people engage in sexual intercourse because they find it enjoyable – arguably, sex should be fun! Having sex in public places is perhaps the most fun of all the types of sex people practice, as long as you and your partner understand explicitly what you like best within your bedroom and outside of the bedroom in this case. Studies show that orgasms aid in migraines and overall allow us to lead happier, more fulfilled lives. Intense orgasms that result from having sex in public places are revolutionary and could make us better partners and people.

It Can Be Risky

If you are already engaging in sex with another person you should be no stranger to the laws that surround sex and sexual acts. There are certain laws that forbid participating in any sexual relations in some public areas – adhere to these laws and enjoy having sex in public places responsibly. While this all sounds as though having sex in public places is a doomed and condemned practice, it can be done! But one of the cons of it all is that you must be mindful of where your desire leads you. Exhilaration is not worth a penalty.

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At Times It May Be Uncomfortable

There are many misconceptions running rampant in the media regarding sex and what one should expect. Once you engage in sex regularly you learn that it is not always good, it can leave you unsatisfied and it very rarely unfolds like the movies. But with communication and a commitment to your pleasure, sex is rather ravishing. But the above can be said when having sex in public places. As you will likely find yourself in a confined space – e.g. a car, a stall of some kind, in a tent, etc. – there is some adjustment and even some uncomfortable exertions you’ll encounter. Having sex in public places requires flexibility, both literally and figuratively, and this is something you should consider before you present this idea to your partner.

Locations Can Be Hard To Find

The aforementioned disadvantages to having sex in public places relate directly to this last point. Finding a location where you feel both comfortable and safe to engage in sex outside the walls of your home can be difficult if this is not something you have tried before. You must ensure there are few people around and depending on the time of day, this can feel near impossible. I recommend quiet and private lookouts, camping grounds, car parks out of view, spacious bathroom stalls and if you are feeling particularly confident – the beach!

Have you practiced public sex acts before? Is this something you and your partner might like to try? Let us know in the comments below whether having sex in public places could benefit your sex life and contribute to your overall wellbeing! Do you have any suggestions on where people could go?

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