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The Pros And Cons Of Attending Uni In Your Hometown

The Pros And Cons Of Attending Uni In Your Hometown

A list of pros and cons of attending uni in your hometown. Based upon my own experience. Between money worries to socialising problems.

Nobody tells you the pros and cons of attending uni in your hometown. As I attended uni in my hometown- Dundee- I understand the appeal and disadvantages. Below is a list of the pros and cons of attending Uni in your hometown.

The Pros;


 The number one pro for attending uni in your hometown is obviously financial. Halls are becoming increasingly more expensive due to demand. With the UK average being £125 a week to stay on campus. The novelty of living in halls will soon wear off when the flatmates fail to keep on top of the cleaning and you’re living in a pigsty.

By staying at home, students are able to save, take on less student debt and don’t have to leave any familiar comforts behind. Sure, staying at home may seem tedious but your future self and bank balance will thank you for it. Furthermore, you don’t have to deal with a bin piled high of rubbish, no one cleaning or passive aggressive flatmates.


the pros and cons of attending university in your hometown

Friends and Family are close by

Going to university is already a big lifestyle upheaval. Many students go to University straight from school and are then faced with leaving home, starting classes, being exposed to tons of new information and social pressures. Many freshers’ find this understandably overwhelming. By living at home it takes away one of those new pressures.


Furthermore, by living at home you still have your strong network of friends and family which will make you feel more secure when studying. MAJOR PRO! When facing mounting pressure its important to have friends to reach out to in order to relieve stress. One can also not discount the added benefits of coming home to a home-cooked meal and a clean house. Further bonus, you don’t have to leave any family pets behind, RESULT! Clearly, a strong network is a massive pro of attending uni in your hometown.

pros and cons of attending university in your hometown


Unlike your fellow students who are trying to guide their way through a new city with new people, you will already be acquainted with your hometown. Which makes it that much easier to focus on your studies and trying to make connections with your fellow students. By avoiding this difficulty, the student can join clubs and societies and fully immerse themselves in the college experience.


The Cons;


By living in Halls you definitely become more independent. However, by living at home it can be more difficult to assert your independence as you still live with your parents. Although you are going through a huge change and can tell you are evolving as a person. It can be challenging for your parents to accept this. As in their minds nothing has changed apart from where you go to study.

Whereas your other classmates are finding out how they want to live you are still stuck following the house rules that have always been in play. By living in halls no one is checking what you are spending your money on, what your eating or how long you’re staying up whereas at home I’m sure your parents won’t let these new behaviours slide.

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Freshers’ week is a time for new students to bond with their new housemates through a series of organised events. It’s during this week that a majority of friendships are formed. Many flatmates attend these activities together. Therefore, by living at home you tend to miss out on these events.

Therefore, when classes begin it can be hard to infiltrate groups of friends that have already been formed. It leaves these students feeling isolated which can be a contributing factor for early drop out rates.



 Whether your university is close to your home or not, the closest commutes can still become tedious. A 20-minute journey can soon turn into a 50-minute one when you have to search for a free parking space.  This doesn’t seem like a huge amount of time but when your fellow students are only a stone throw away from the library and your fighting for a parking space time can sure mount up.

Even if you leave your car at home and opt for public transport instead this can still be counter-productive. As you can face delays, buses can breakdown or not turn up and you still have to walk the distance from the bus stop to the university.


the pros and cons of attending university in your hometown

I hope this list has helped you make a decision on whether you chose to stay in your hometown for university. Let us know your thoughts below.

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