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The Prettiest Wedding Flowers You Can Have At Your Ceremony

The Prettiest Wedding Flowers You Can Have At Your Ceremony

Wedding flowers are such a big part of any wedding ceremony. With their alluring scents and pretty petals, they can really dress up the venue and add to the atmosphere of love, beauty and romance. Here are some of the prettiest wedding flowers you can have at your ceremony, to help you get the best out of your venue and perfect your special day!

1) Roses

Roses are one of the most well-known and well loved flowers in the Western world. They are classic, beautifully intricate and delicate looking flowers that I believe can’t really be matched by any other flower. Chances are, when you think of Roses, you think romance, love and beauty. Naturally, this makes them the ultimate wedding flowers to dress up your ceremony!


2) Lily of the Valley

Kate Middleton famously used these splendid small flowers in her wedding bouquet, and with their neutral off-white colour, sweet scent and exclusivity, it’s not difficult to see why! These dainty flowers would be a lovely addition to any floral decor arrangement or bride’s bouquet.

3) Peonies

The Peony is a beautiful, large flower with delicate petals that would be perfect to use if you want to make a statement. Being of Asian, European and Western North American origin, this classic flower – popular in America – has an exotic edge that is perfect for the chic bride of today. The Peony looks enchanting both when in full bloom and in partial bloom, and with the range of colours that Peonies come in, from perky peach to neutral white and pretty pink, they are truly a versatile wedding staple.


4) Cherry Blossoms

Cherry Blossoms are gorgeous Japanese flowers that look stunning alone and have a perfectly whimsical appearance; think, serene walk through a beguiling garden on a fresh summer afternoon. These exquisite flowers are perfect for the bride who really wants to feel like a perfect princess on her big day!

5) Hydrangea

I had Hydrangea’s incorporated in my wedding bouquet as, in many ways they are perfect wedding flowers, with their graceful petal composition and relatively small size. They have a rustic yet polished appearance, so they can easily be used in different types of wedding from formal to Bohemian. If, like me, you’re sticking to a neutral colour palette, the hint of yellow and green found in this elegant flower adds a splash of colour without being overbearing.


6) Gypsophila

This is the ultimate bohemian flower for a rustic wedding, owing to its tiny, delicate aesthetic and pretty white colour, giving it an understated, wild appearance. Being an inexpensive option, Gypsophila (also known as Gyp and Baby’s Breath) can be used in abundance. It can also be incorporated into formal flower arrangements for a hint of Bohemian glamour or the Bride’s bouquet as a charming filler flower. Gyp is highly associated with purity and ever-lasting love – what better symbolism is there for your wedding!

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7) Carnations

Somewhat similar in appearance to Peonies, Carnations are beautiful, ethereal flowers with a soft appearance. Their pale colour options would complete a lovely Spring or Summer wedding wonderfully. As they bloom throughout the year, Carnations would also be a great choice for Winter wedding flowers, particularly in their deep colour variations, such as wine reds and plum purples. The Carnation’s delicious spicy scent adds a polarising depth to these picturesque flowers which is sure to spice up the ceremony!


8) Orchids

If tradition isn’t your bag, and you’d love a bag of colour incorporated in your ceremony, you might want to opt for Orchids. These Asian/Australian native flowers – symbolising beauty and refinement – are less commonly used in wedding ceremonies than classics such as Roses and Peonies, so you’ll definitely stand out from the crowd! These flowers would also be great for an exotic destination wedding in the East or a breezy beach wedding.

9) Tulips

These delightful flowers come in an abundance of colours, ranging from bright reds, to purples, to whites, to yellows and everything in between! So, if you opt for Tulips to add to the allure of a perky Spring wedding, you’re sure to find the colour you’re looking for! They are relatively structured flowers, so they’d look great as centrepiece arrangements as well as in bridal bouquets made solely of roughly cut Tulips, to really retain their natural charm.

10) Daffodils

The beautiful, bright yellow of Daffodils is a cheerful symbol of happiness, and the flower itself is associated with re-birth and new beginnings – the perfect symbolism for your wedding! Daffodils are a fantastic choice for a wedding where there will be a lot of children, as they are captivating to all ages due to their uplifting colour and intriguing shape – so you won’t have to worry about keeping the little ones entertained! Daffodils would be a wonderful addition to a scenic, outdoor Spring wedding ceremony.


So there you have the prettiest wedding flowers you can have at your wedding! What is your favourite flower? Let us know in the comments!

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