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The Polka Dot Clothing Items That You Need This Year

The Polka Dot Clothing Items That You Need This Year

Are you wanting to add some polka dot clothing to your wardrobe? We have collected the best picks for ensemble looks this season. Whether you want colors or neutrals, we have you covered.

Polka dotted clothing is cute no matter what anyone says. If you like it, then wear it! That’s what I do! Here are a few polka dot clothing items I like to sport around town or even for nightlife! You’ll love these classic and trendy looks!

UO Polka Dot Wrap Beach Culottes

These culottes look so cute! I really like the style of these and the fact that they are polka dotted! They are airy and flowy, perfect for spring and summer. You could also wear them in the winter, make sure to wear leggings underneath as the air coming up from the bottom will be cold!


Pink Vanilla Red Polka Dot Frill Hem Dress

A classic red polka dotted dress of course! I like the frills at the hem of the dress as well as the sleeves which are neither long nor short.

Spot and Cherry Print Blouse

This dotted blouse has cherries on it as well, to add some colour! Again the frills are lovely and the V cut of the shirt is my favourite thing.


Polka Dot Flared Trousers

Who would have thought that you could wear polka dotted trousers too? Black with white spots, this pair is not a skinny but the bottom is flared for a dramatic effect.


Spot Print Play Suit

Play suits look cute on anyone, with or without curves. That is because a play suit usually accentuates the waist creating a curve! This one is white with black spots, perfect for summertime!



White cold shoulder polka dot shirt dress

Another cute dress! This one is a shirt dress with long sleeves, white with black subtle dots. You can add a belt if you feel like it does not compliment your shape.

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White Polka Dot Crepe Cut Out Bralet

Bralet or short crop top, you name it! Regardless, it’s really cute and girly! You can wear it underneath a shirt and let it show a bit, or on it’s own!


White Polka Dot Frill Bodysuit

Off the shoulder tops look great on any woman! Time to show off those shoulders, girl! This is a body suit so it is always tucked in. I’m in love with the frill on this top too!

Which of the polka dot clothing above are you going to try? Let us know in the comments below!

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