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The Perks Of Having A Part Time Job In University

The Perks Of Having A Part Time Job In University

Looking for a part time job in University? Good news is that it's not all THAT bad. Here's how to mange doing part time work while being a full time student!

Balancing a part-time job and your studies isn’t easy to do, it can at most times be annoying and time-consuming when really your time would be better spent elsewhere (like watching Netflix). But we all can agree that the extra cash doesn’t hurt, especially if you have student loans to pay. In addition to the added benefit of being less broke,  however, there’s a variety of different perks to having a part time job in university and these are a few.


Having  a part-time job is beneficial as a student because with university fees not covering everything your extra cash will help you make up the difference and can make a huge difference to your weekly budget.


The extra cash you make will allow you to have cheat days where you don’t have to cook, so you can afford to have takeaways and be lazy once in a while.


Looks Good on your CV

A job whilst you’re studying also looks good, even more so if you find something in the field that you are studying. It shows that you are a hard worker, determined and furthermore an element of commitment.

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Meet new people

A part-time job allows you to meet new people outside of your university bubble but in the area, so it’s great for making new connections. This can help you improve your people skills and confidence.


Organisational Skills

Having a part time job in university can benefit you with your organisational skills when it comes to assignments and deadlines. That’s right, a part time job may help you get your work done! This is because working a busy schedule requires TONS of organization. So be ready to plan out your every minute!

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