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The Perfect Perfume Scents For Day And Night

The Perfect Perfume Scents For Day And Night

The Perfect Perfume Scents For Day And Night

Many women share the thought that men’s cologne lasts all day and night and doesn’t seem to be categorised into day time scents and night time scents. These scents are perfect for anyone at any time of the day or night. Here are a few perfume scents that transition into both day and night. I’m sure that you will fall in love with at least one of these, and discover your new signature scent!

YSL Black Opium

This scent is my personal all time fav! Now I am not the best at describing scents so bare with me. YSL is a complex scent, it is deep yet light, with a flurry of different notes and scents married together to make the most compliment, feminine and sexy scent. In this scent, you will find vanilla, jasmine, coffee, cedar, pink pepper and many more! I challenge you to smell this perfume the next time you get a chance and not fall in love. You will never love another scent as much as this one. You will want to wear it during the day, night and all the time in between!

Gucci Bloom

If florals are more up your alley, then this is hands down the one for you! This scent will make fall in love with all things rose! Imagine a classic rose scent, now remove the image of your grandma and think the most modern and complex floral scent you have ever smelt. This one is ageless! Jasmine and woody are the main notes you will smell. So it’s not just a basic floral scent, there is depth to it! This one will take over all your clothes and every space, and you won’t be mad about it!


Tom Ford Black Orchid

This one is a little more hardcore. If you are a big fan of more unisex scents this is pretty close. This scent is dark and sexy. There are notes of black truffle and Orchid as the headnotes (hence the name). The hint of spice in this one can cater to all those who don’t love classic floral, or sweet scents. This, like YSL Black Opium, is the perfect scent for all of us who like a perfume that is distinctively different and amazing! give this one a go next time, it could be your new signature scent!

This is a great scent to touch up from day to night, keep it with you at all times. This is a great scent if you want to leave your mark and be remembered, just like YSL. I promise if the YSL isn’t for you this Tom Ford will be.

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Benefit Laugh With Me Lee Lee

This is the first scent I have ever smelled that reminded me of nothing I have ever smelt before! This is a very unique scent and is a little bit lighter. Perfect for both day and night, particularly in the warmer months. While lighter, it is not overly sweet and fruity, it is one of those scents that you will never get sick of, doesn’t matter how many times you re-apply or smell again and again.

There are citrus and melon scents, which are relatively mild, however, the jasmine cuts through (my favourite scent) to bring a hint of femininity. While the depth comes through at the end with blonde wood and amber. A beautiful scent for all of those who like to have a lighter scent for both day and night.

Scents can help you express your mood for the day or night. These are our favs to wear day and night, what are your favorite perfume scents? Let us know!

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