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The Most Unique Facials You Can Get In The UK

The Most Unique Facials You Can Get In The UK


Facials are big business in the beauty world. They can completely transform your skin and make you feel amazing. Whether your skin needs a pick me up, is suffering with break outs  or just needs some good old TLC. There are so many out there to try, you can find one that is perfect for your individual skin needs. But where do you start? If you want to find out, keep on reading to find out the most unique facials you can get in the UK!

The LED treatment:

For £70, in a private treatment room for thirty minutes, Sarah Chapman offers an award winning Skinesis facial. The unique nature of the facial ensures healthy and glowing skin. This hands-on experience is one of London’s most sought-after treatments. In particular, the Dermalux LED Light Therapy is a non-invasive treatment that helps heal the skin. It increases cell energy and collagen production. This helps counteract ageing and skin damage. Blue LED can also help acne. Therefore, this unique treatment can be a beneficial treatment for many people.

The facial workout:

Liz Earle is a skin care icon for her amazing skincare products. You can even experience something even better and have a facial at one of their stores. For £120 The Super skin Botanical Lift facial is a deep tissue sculpting massage, to slow down the ageing of skin. It will make skin look plump and refreshed. During this Facial workout a range of tailored techniques will release tension tone muscles. This will sculpt facial contours for a defined lifted look.


The Most Unique Facials You Can Get In The UK

Oxygen hit:

Champneys are known for their luxurious treatments. If you are looking for something a bit more unique, Champneys offer an Elemis Biotec facial from £87. The treatment combines a tailored electrical facial, with oxygen, light therapy, toning micro currents and a peel. Now that is a lot of goodness going into your skin! This full on treatment helps firm and resurface skin to help with inner radiance. This is one of the best unique facials!

The facial for your eyes:

When we think of facials, we typically think of someone massaging our face and neck. It is important not to forget the eyes needing treatment as they are one of the most important features to look after. At Espa they offer a Lift and Firm Eye Treatment for those who are concerned about their undereye. This 25-minute treatment focuses on firming and hydrating. It helps reduce fine lines and is perfect if you suffer from eye strains and computer headaches.

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The face lift:

Neal’s yard is another big skin care brand that offers a range of facials at certain stores. Their “facial rejuvenation” facial is a combination of Indian Face Massage and acupressure on the head, face and neck for a natural facelift. This massage releases tension and stimulates circulation. This non-invasive treatment can really help relax and improve the skins appearance. This treatment can also help relieve stress symptoms, so is the perfect all round treatment. For more details about this treatment, head over to the Neal’s yard website! This is one of the most unique facials you can get!

The Most Unique Facials You Can Get In The UK


A facial for that special man in your life:

Clarins offer a treatment especially for men, yes anyone can have the treatments mentioned above, but if you are looking to give that special man in your life a special gift, the Skin Blitz facial is £48 for 1 hour and 5 minutes. They focus on soothing shaving bumps, stress and tiredness with this super relaxing bespoke facial. This facial is limited to certain store locations, so check out the Clarins website for more information!

The Most Unique Facials You Can Get In The UK

What is your favourite type of unique facials? Be sure to let us know in the comments below!
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