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The Most Instagrammable Art Exhibitions In England

The Most Instagrammable Art Exhibitions In England

You'll want to check out these art exhibitions in England for your Instagram account. They're totally worthy of plenty of pictures.
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You’re going to want to check out these art exhibitions in England, because they’re totally Instagrammable!

1. Memory Palace at White Cube – 11th July to 2nd September 2018

Memory Palace is a collaborative exhibition showcasing over 40 artists and more than 90 pieces of work. This exhibition explores all aspects of memory from historical to sensory memory. Some of the artists involved are: Georg Baselitz, Doris Salcedo, Magnus Plessen, and Julie Mehretu. This exhibition has a whole range of art. This includes sculptures and paintings as well as film installations.

2. Michael Jackson On The Wall at National Portrait Gallery – 28th June to 21st October 2018

This exhibition is open across what would have been Michael Jackson’s 60th birthday. There are over 40 artists involved in this exhibition, all whose work was inspired by the king of pop. For this exhibition work has been collected from all across the globe, from both private and public collections as well as some newly created work.


3. BP Portrait Awards at National Portrait Gallery – 14th June to 23rd September 2018

This year is the 39th year for the BP Portrait Awards, a competition that is open to anyone aged over 18 with a first place cash prize of £35,000. This year alone, the competition has attracted over 40,000 applicants. The winners and runners up work is then displayed in the National Portrait Gallery for three months so the public can come and view some previously unknown artists.

4. Anthea Hamilton at TATE Britain – Until 8th October 2018

Anthea Hamilton’s exhibition at the TATE Britain consists of a performance piece based on vegetables. Her inspiration came from a book from the 1960s. From this she has created an interactive performance piece which includes seven different pumpkin and squash related costumes and themes.  Her piece involved re-tiling the historic central room of the TATE Britain and will be incredibly memorable.

5. All Too Human at TATE Britain

All Too Human is an exhibition that explores what it means to be human. Including the work of Lucien Freud, Francis Bacon, Jenny Saville and Paula Rego. This exhibition explores the generational differences within painting life and explores how the application of paint can express the human condition. Despite the exhibition website telling the audience about the mix of genders, when I attended this exhibition I found it disappointing that the first female artist wasn’t shown until room 10.


6. Magic Realism at TATE Modern – 30th July 2018 to 14th July 2019

This exhibition is an exploration into a collection of German artworks from between the wars. The name ‘Magic Realism’, comes from the shift in artistic style in this period, which is evident in this exhibition and draws on the changing political climate of the time. This exhibition includes the work of Otto Dix, George Grosz, Albert Birkle and Jeanne Mammen. It is at the TATE Modern for a year and is a free exhibition. This is one of our favourite art exhibitions in England!

7. Antony Gormley SUBJECT at Kettles Yard, Cambridge – 22nd May to 27th August 2018

Kettles Yard is a newly renovated space. This new Antony Gormley exhibition has been designed to compliment this new space. Gormley’s practise explores how sculpture can both embody the viewer and create thought in the space it occupies. This exhibition will include a film installation showing clips of the BBC Documentary ‘Antony Gormley: Being Human’.


8. Shape Of Light at TATE Modern – Until 14th October 2018

This exhibition is exploring 100 years of photography and abstract art. The exhibition will expand on the relationship between the two areas of art. The artists involve range from pioneers of the craft: including Man Ray and Alfred Stieglitz. As well as new pieces by Maya Rochat and Daisuke Yokota.

9. Egon Schiele and Francesca Woodman at TATE Liverpool – 24th May to 23rd September 2018

These two artists are known for their unapologetic take on portraiture. They both use art forms to explore emotion and often their work feel intimate and sometimes intrusive. Schiele’s drawings use sharp lines and edges to create emotion and movement. Woodman uses almost opposite effects, she uses long exposure to blur the lines of her figures and creates ambiguity. By comparing these two artists, the audience will feel incredibly visually stimulated. This is one of the best art exhibitions in England.


10. William Kentridge: Thick Time at The Whitworth Gallery, Manchester – 21st September 2018 t0 3rd March 2019.

William Kentridge is a South African artist whose exhibition will focus on global history and the shaping of a utopian future with reference to imagination and memory. This exhibition will include animation and film installation from Kentridge’s previous project ‘O Sentimental Time’ as well as works collected from previous projects. These projects will be joined by artist sketch books and tapestries.

What do you think are the best art exhibitions in England? Tell us in the comments!
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