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The Most Insta-Worthy Bars In Liverpool You Have To Visit

The Most Insta-Worthy Bars In Liverpool You Have To Visit

These are some bars in Liverpool taht you just need to visit! These bars are very popular and tons of fun with your family or friends!

Whether or not you’re having a date night with your SO or you’re out on a girl’s night drinking cocktails, the new trend is being in a photo-worthy bar. Are the cocktails magical? Is there any neon lighting that I can post on social media? Is it themed? These are all popular within new bars, and it seems as though, if you don’t have a trendy theme are you even a cocktail bar? We rounded up a selection of the best bars in Liverpool.

1. The florist, Hardman Street.

The clue is in the name, flowers line the walls (perfect for your photo op) and they’re sprinkled in your cocktails. If you’re in after a very pink and girly bar for your girl’s night then this is the place to go for one of the bars in Liverpool.

2. Peaky Binders bar, Stanhope Street.

Again, this one speaks for itself. If you love the TV series this may be worth checking out, although don’t expect to see Cillian Murphy enjoying a whiskey. On it’s opening night they had horses in the street with men doing their best brummy accents.


3. Aloha, Colquitt Street.

A Hawaiian themed tiki bar that offers cocktails in pineapples and lei garlands, you’ll feel as if you’ve been flown away on holiday instead of walking down the stairs in to this hidden Liverpool bar… they have a usual reggae soundtrack to assist your night if they don’t have a live act on.

4. Ex-Directory, unknown.

When this bar first opened, it caused quite the storm across the city as it was asking potential customers to solve clues to find the bar. To enter, you need to locate the old red telephone box that is hidden somewhere in the city, and by using the clues on their website, find it (or ask a mate that’s been for directions!).

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5. The Smugglers Cover, Albert docks.

If you’re into rum within bars in Liverpool then this is the place for you as they hold Liverpool’s largest rum collection. As the name suggests, it’s themed around a pirate’s den, with wooden ceilings and floors, menus in the style of old treasure maps. It is definitely a bar like no other that you have been to.

6. Goodness Gracious, Water Street.

Boasting the best rooftop bar in Liverpool looking out over to the Liver buildings. If you’re lucky enough to get a spot in the sun, you will want to make sure you have a photo in front of this view to make all your friends jealous. Although only open from March through to October dependant on weather conditions.

What are some of your favorite bars in Liverpool? Let us know in the comments below!

Featured Image: Weheartit