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The Most Haunted Places In Scotland You Need To Visit

The Most Haunted Places In Scotland You Need To Visit

The Most Haunted Places In Scotland You Need To Visit

Whether you believe in ghosts or not, visiting a spooky place with a chilling history is fun for everyone. Just the mood in some places is eerie enough to make for a great spot to visit no matter if you are willing to believe they are in fact haunted. If you know anything about Scotland is that it is filled with castles wherever you go. What is more, most of them are reportedly haunted and many claim to have seen something out of ordinary there. So, if you will ever find yourself in the UK here a list of haunted places in Scotland you should visit!

1. Crathes Castle

The first on the list of the haunted places in Scotland you should definitely go to is Crathes Castle. Built in the 16th century is a prime example of a classic Scottish tower house. From the inside out it looks inviting with its labyrinths full of antique furniture and a glorious garden. However, it is said to be haunted by a restless Green Lady, an apparition in a green robe that can be spotted in one of the rooms floating above the ground and then disappearing into thin air. Her story goes back to the 1700s when she was seen for the first time by servants in the house. Even Queen Victoria after staying in that room felt uneasy, like there was somebody with her in there the whole time.

Location: Crathes, Banchory, Aberdeenshire, AB31 5QJ


2. Stirling Castle

Stirling Castle is probably one of the most important castles in Scottish history. Stuart Kings and Queens often residents there, making this place a witness to a lot of celebrations and even coronations. Nowadays, this place is said to be incredibly haunted. People claim to spot a man in a full traditional Scotish costume wandering around the property. What is more allegedly some tourists mistook him for a tour guide and after approaching him and asking a question, the man ignored them and vanished in front of their eyes.

Location: Stirling, Stirlingshire, FK8 1EJ


3. Niddry Street Vaults

Also known as Edinburgh Vaults or South Bridge Vaults, they are a series of chambers running under beneath the city. This location is said to be one of the most haunted places in Scotland, or even the whole of the UK. When walking around there, people reported hearing children crying, footsteps and hushed scary voices. What is more, same claim to have been grabbed or pushed down there , even though noone was to be seen around them.

Location: South Bridge, Edinburgh EH1 1QR

4. Balmoral Castle

Balmoral Castle is one of the residences of the British Royal Family. It was bought and then totally reconstructed by Queen Victoria and Prince Albert in the 19th century. One of the most known and popular ghosts haunting the castle today is one of Queen’s friends – John Brown. He was one of the servants and it is said that Queen Victoria was madly in love with him. When he is walking around the corridors of the castle he can alays be seen wearing a kilt.


Location: Balmoral Estates, Ballater, Aberdeenshire, AB35 5TB

5. Edinburgh Castle

Probably the most popular and most recognisable castles in the UK. Not only is it known for its beauty and grandeur, but it is also one of the most haunted places in Scotland. Over the years there have been numerous ghost apparitions and other paranormal activities on the property. One can hear the sound of drums coming from the basement, as well as there have been claims that former prisoners are haunting the dungeons.

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Location: Castle Hill, Edinburgh, City Of Edinburgh, EH1 2NG

6. Inveraray Castle

The original castle was built as early as the 15th, however, it was ransacked and burned in the 1600s. The castle has a number of ghosts, one of the most popular being the Phantom Harpist. He can be heard playing his harp around the castle, especially in the Blue Room. He is a friendly ghost, rarely seen by men. Other paranormal activities reported are strange noises of things falling over, when nothing seems to be out of order.


Location: Inveraray PA32 8XE

7. Jedburgh Castle

The last but certainly not least on my list of the most haunted places in Scotland is Jedburgh Castle. It is said to be haunted by a malicious spirit named Edwin McArthur. He was a prisoner in jail and after his execution, he is now wandering through the corridors of the castle seeking revenge on whoever he sees.


Location: Castle Gate, Jedburgh, Roxburghshire, TD8 6AS

Have you ever been to any of these haunted places in Scotland? Maybe you know other spooky spots you can recommend? Let me know in the comments down below!

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