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7 Of The Most Bomb Instagram Fashion Accounts To Follow

7 Of The Most Bomb Instagram Fashion Accounts To Follow

Instagram is full of amazing fashion accounts for your outfit of the day inspo. Here are 7 of my favourite accounts to follow to update your wardrobe!

I love fashion and Instagram to me has become the equivalent of flipping through a fashion magazine! I love getting my inspiration for my next outfit from scrolling through the fashion accounts I follow, checking out Instagram models who will let you know exactly where they got a particular item they are wearing so that you can wear it too! It would definitely great to be #sponsored like them too, of course, that is definitely a dream of mine! Imagine being given clothes for free! *Fingers Crossed* that I will be able to have that happen in the future! 🙂

Personally, I have a very girly fashion sense. My fashion inspiration comes from people like Elle Woods and 90s fashion. I am very into a feminine and girly vibe comprising of skirts, high heels, boots and faux fur coats and sometimes glam tracksuits and mom jeans with a cute top. Here are some of my favourite Instagram fashion accounts to follow, to up your outfit of the day game!

1. Aidette Cancino @aidettec

Aidette is a really beautiful young L.A girl who of course often sports @fashionova nearly at all times. She will always try and push the fashion envelope by wearing something edgy and stylish. She wears a lot of very funky outfits complete with different coloured hair and full glam at all times. Her Instagram feed shows that she has been flown out to various destinations such as Dubai and Spain by a brand to look pretty amongst luxury hotels, yes, I am definitely jealous! There is definitely a lot of fashion inspo on her page, and I feel that she is a must follow fashion account. She also often sells some of her pre-loved or even tagged clothing items on her Poshmark at very low prices! Among the fashion accounts I follow, hers is definitely one of my favorites!


2. Alondra Dessy @alondradessy

Alondra is often seen sporting a type of co-ord set, with some shiny slides. She is very down to earth whilst at the same time being full glam at all times. Whether her outfit is glam or casual, she always makes sure her makeup is fully done and makes everything look put together. Being best friends with one of the owners of one of the hottest online fashion boutiques of the moment: @ootdfash, she is often seen sporting their latest clothing items. I have to say I have definitely seen something she has worn and gone over to the site to purchase that exact item!

Ootdfash actually has quite good quality items at not very expensive prices, and it differs to the cheaper quality alternatives like Fashion Nova or Pretty Little Thing. Alondra is definitely a fashion account to follow if you are looking for a casual yet very 2019 casual and co-ord style to incorporate into your wardrobe.

3. Karla Jara @theerealkarlaj

One of my absolute favourites on this list has to be Karla Jara. Her fashion account is full of very girly styles. She appears to emulate a life-size Bratt Doll at all times, and in fact, a Bratt doll was recently made sporting one of her signature styles! I love her girly and out there fashion sense. She is always pushing the boundaries of colour combinations and outfit combinations, which always seem to work really well together! She cites one of her major inspirations being her brother Luis @theerealluisj who has actually designed and styled a few of her outfits for her! Karla definitely sports brands such as Fashion Nova and Pretty Little Thing quite regularly and if you’re looking for fashion inspo in the style of a cross between Ariana Grande, Elle Woods and Bratt Doll, she is definitely a fashion account to follow!


4. Gabi DiMartino @gabi

Gabi Dimartino has been around on youtube ever since she was a young teenager alongside her twin sister Nikki, who has incorporated her own funky style. She has catapulted to Instagram success with her very feminine and flirty princess and fairy-like styles that she regularly sports on her fashion account. Gabi most definitely emulates a real-life Holly Golightly from Breakfast At Tiffany’s, always sporting beautiful elegant dresses, long flowing hair and perfectly done makeup. It is definitely worth following her account if her Ariana Grande/Audrey Hepburn style is up your alley.

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5. Nazanin Kavari @nazaninkavari

Nazanin is another YouTuber who has broken into Instagram having a great fashion account that shows of her classy style. She often wears classic over the knee bodycon style dresses and has an always together yet cosy casual street style when out and about. Her style is very classy and Kim K Esque, it will at times be hard to separate the two! She often wears brands that she mentions in her posts that I’m sure will tempt you to copy her exact outfit.


6. Brisa Style @brisagastyle

Brisa is a great fashion talent from Brazil. Her fashion account is filled with her awesome outfit of the day choices, as well as a lot of DIY looks that she makes herself! She often dresses up her outfits by making her own clothes, as well as using a simple scarf to make a top! She is very creative and is definitely a gem to follow if you’re in need of some wardrobe inspiration.

7. Lauren Wood

Lauren Wood is definitely the classic fashion nova girl, yet, at the same time, has a girl next door vibe. She is of course extremely beautiful and friendly, and her fashion account is filled with low key yet attainable outfit choices perfect for either the day time or night. Being a representative for Ymi Jeans at present, she often posts pictures of herself wearing different jeans with a cute top. She has a beautiful curvy figure and sports some Fashion Nova looks that I definitely have attempted to copy once or twice!

What are your thoughts on the Instagram fashion accounts listed above? Are there any others that you recommend to follow to get fashion inspiration? Do let me know your suggestions in the comments below!

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