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The Most Beautiful European Countries To Visit In Autumn

The Most Beautiful European Countries To Visit In Autumn

These are some of the European countries to visit in autumn if you want to see beautiful foliage and over all incredible sites.

Autumn is one of the best seasons of the year, it’s the time we get to wear oversize fluffy sweaters, the time pumpkin spice lattes are back in Starbucks and we can snuggle up in blankets. But for some reason autumn also makes the cities in Europe look 10x better, maybe it’s the falling leaves, the not so hot but not so cold weather or the way you get to see how other cities celebrate this wonderful season. Here are some of the greatest European countries to visit in autumn.

Amsterdam, Netherlands

If you’re looking to escape the UK and don’t want to go too far then Amsterdam is the perfect place. Go for walks around the canals or better yet hop on a bicycle, see the Ann Frank Huis or the other three popular museums on colder days. You can even visit the Vondel Park which is Amsterdam’s biggest park, have a picnic and watch the leaves fall, there are many more places to visit too. This is one of our favourite European countries to visit in autumn.

Milan, Italy

Milan is a fashion capital and autumn is the best time to go, straight after the summer holiday rush. This is a city full of life and colour, and don’t miss Milan Fashion Week during the autumn especially if you’re a fashionista. You could also visit places like Venice and Florence during autumn because Italy is such a beautiful place all year around. Italy is one of the more expensive places to go in Europe but for some reason people don’t like to go around autumn so by going then you might also save a bit of money.


Prague, Czech Republic

Prague is one of the most beautiful and underrated cities in Europe, it isn’t very expensive either. Go grab a coffee and sit in front of the Charles Bridge wrapped in a warm scarf or walk around the old town taking in the beautiful architecture and make sure to visit the breathtaking Prague Castle, you have to take a camera with you! And at the end of the day go into one of the many restaurants and treat yourself to their traditional food for the full Prague experience.

Berlin, Germany

Berlin is a famous city in Europe’s history and is a must visit in autumn. Berlin is not like any other city in Europe, for example you can see an open air art gallery along side what used to be part of the Berlin Wall called the East Side Wall, this has over 100 pieces, you won’t find that anywhere else. Go see the many museums in Berlin and the Berliner Dom which is one of the most iconic buildings in Berlin. You can also visit cities like Munich or visit the amazing castles the country have to offer during this time of year. This is one of the best European countries to visit in autumn.

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Paris, France

Where better to go then the city of love itself during this beautiful time of year, this is a great place to go for a short break. Paris has a lot to offer, the Eiffel Tower, Paris fashion week, the many museums or sit in a cafe and take in the fact that you’re in PARIS! But if Paris doesn’t take your fancy then there are many more places in France you could visit in autumn, hit the Alps, see a vineyard or go to other iconic cities like Nice or Lyon.

Copenhagen, Denmark

Copenhagen is famous for it’s rich historical background and is a beautiful city to visit this autumn, it’s great for a short trip because it’s not too expensive. You have to take a boat tour around the canals, sit in a cafe or bakery and roam the streets of the beautiful city center whilst admiring the amazing architecture of the city.

What do you think are some European countries to visit in autumn? Tell us in the comments!
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