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The Miniature Tattoos You’ll Fall In Love With

The Miniature Tattoos You’ll Fall In Love With

Have you always wanted a tattoo but haven't taken the plunge yet? The idea may be easier to take on when you choose to get miniature tattoos instead. Slightly less of a commitment than large tattoos, these tiny versions are beautiful and simple.

Tattoos can look mega cute but are unfortunately also mega terrifying. A vibrating needle in my skin for more than 5 seconds? I’ll pass. But miniature tattoos are way more tempting. They shouldn’t take too long and are easier to hide from strict parents and future bosses. Here are a few ideas to get your inspiration flowing.

1) Ear Flower

So dainty, so perfect. This is one of the most detailed of the miniature tattoos. It looks adorable with hair in a messy bun or pony, and subtle earrings would add to the cutesy vibe. Who knew ears could look so good.

2) Ankle Leaf

This tiny little leaf tattoo is a dream for those at one with nature. Combined with open sandals and a great tan, this is a really, really cute idea.


3) Back Moon and Sun

This little moon and sun miniature tattoos in the middle of the back is all kinds of lovely and would stand out in any backless top or dress.

4) Arm Quote

Wouldn’t it be great to get immediate motivation from your forearm? This is powerful, cute, and functional.

5) Sideboob Waves

If you love spending hours by the beach, this miniature tattoo could be the one for you. Visible in a bikini, and fit for the occasion.


6) Centre Boob Dots

Minimalist tattoos are the best kind of tattoos. Simple and understated, these three dots are the perfect combo of cute and sexy, without much fuss (or pain).

7) Shoulder Love Heart

A little heart strategically placed can draw attention to all the right areas for all the right reasons. Hella cute, and the perfect accessory for a strappy top.

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8) Forearm Fingers Crossed

This is genuinely just a really sweet idea- kudos to whoever created it. Just make sure you go to a good tattoo artist, as this could easily go pretty terrible.

9) Forearm Rose

Flowers always look pretty as tattoos, and this is no different. Go for a rose or only the head of the flower, but either way, its guaranteed to look cute.

10) Leg Quote

“ADORE” on the back of your leg might not be something you ever thought of or even just a quote there at all, but it’s worth considering, because look. how. cute.


Which of these miniature tattoos do you want to rock? Let us know in the comments below!

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