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The Millenial’s Guide to Dating. Is Romance Really Dead?

The Millenial’s Guide to Dating. Is Romance Really Dead?

The Millenial's Guide to Dating. Is Romance Really Dead?

Does the thought of entering the dating pool, fill you with dread? Don’t worry, you’re not the only one. As a single woman, I find the thought abhorrent. It seems we are the generation that has left romance behind. Back in the good old days when your grandparents were courting, dating seemed pretty simple.

Now we have to compete against hundreds of other people and try to pick out the best suitors. It’s clear that dating has never been so complicated. The game has completely changed and millennials are trying to keep up with all the latest trends and faux pas.

Dating Apps

There’s an app for everything nowadays. Even dating! Between Tinder, Bumble and many more, there has never been so much choice. People can now get a date with a few taps of their fingers. It has never been easier to get dates, yet we are living in a time where millennials are having a tough time getting into committed relationships.

This is probably due to there being too much choice. If you find a fault with someone on date one, then you can get someone else the next night. Dating Apps have made competition normal so it has created a disposable culture, making it much harder for people to create a meaningful connection.

The Millennial’s Guide to Dating: Is Romance Really Dead?


If you do end up meeting someone and having great dates; you still run the risk of being ghosted. If you aren’t familiar with this term, then it simply means your date is ignoring your messages or phone-calls; until you give up. Being ghosted is the most brutal dating trend for the millennial to face. It shakes a person’s confidence and leaves them feeling unwanted.

If you think you have been ghosted, don’t let yourself stew. Get right back on the dating horse because there is someone out there for everyone.

The Millennial’s Guide to Dating: Is Romance Really Dead?


We’ve all been there, liking someone more than they like you. Well, bread-crumbing is the accelerated version of that. This is the act of giving out flirtatious messages every so often, to let the other party think you’re still interested. This move is savage because it messes with people’s heads.

It also feels like we have been transported back to the school playground playing a game of he likes me/he likes me not. If you’re getting late night ‘hey how are you?’ messages, just cut off all contact. Simply put, he’s not that into you.

The Millennial’s Guide to Dating: Is Romance Really Dead?


All millennials should make way for the mega-daters among you. These individuals like to put their eggs in multiple baskets. I think you’ve probably already guessed what a mega dater is, but if not here’s the definition. This is a person who avoids commitment like the plague. Instead, they date multiple people in quick succession. If you are looking for Mr. Right, maybe give the mega- daters a swerve.

The Millennial’s Guide to Dating: Is Romance Really Dead?

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Do We Go Dutch?

It was great when your grandparents were dating and chivalry was alive and well. Men would open doors, pull out your chair and were almost guaranteed to pick up the bill. Now alongside first date jitters, there is also the awkward moment of the bill being brought over.

This moment can make an incredible date go to uncomfortable pretty quickly. It leaves both millennials with a million thoughts running through their heads. It seems going Dutch and splitting the bill is majorly increasing in popularity.

The Millennial’s Guide to Dating: Is Romance Really Dead?

Cyber Stalking

In the age of social media, millennials have the means to search for potential dates at any time. Cyberstalking has become a real problem in our culture. Instead of waiting for the date and making our minds up there and then, we cyberstalk their social media profiles beforehand.

This is detrimental because we go into the date with preconceived notions and have already judged before giving them a chance. By doing this, millennials could be denying themselves a chance at happiness.

The Millennial’s Guide to Dating: Is Romance Really Dead?

It seems that dating has completely changed since the era of romance. Hopefully, this guide will help you avoid the people who aren’t searching for a loving relationship. Have you come across any of these trends?

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