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The Love Island Language Lesson

The Love Island Language Lesson

Love Island is a minefield when it comes to language and if you aren't up on the slang then you will struggle to understand this brave new world.

Reality television has captured the imagination of viewers for decades now. Following ITV2’s revamp of Love Island in 2015, it has become a cult phenomenon among the public. Many of the public devote their summer to watching sexy singletons on the hunt for love in the villa abroad. From the dramatic re-couplings to the contestant’s emotions, you can see why this is people’s guilty pleasure. Although it comes across as your average reality show, there are major differences. The biggest one being the contestants’ ever-changing language, that viewers have to come to grips with. Below are the most used phrases, words and sayings in the villa.


If someone is described as being Muggy, they tend to be disrespectful. Whether that’s by someone leading the other on or talking about them behind their back. In 2015, when Travis arrives he tells Lauren that he really liked her. Then follows up by asking Jess on a date instead of Lauren proclaiming that he is more attracted to Jess. Obviously, this is a horrible way to treat a girl and definitely makes it a muggy move.


Pied is quite easy to work out, yet here it is. Getting pied off by someone simply means to be rejected. Therefore, if someone asks the other on a date and gets rejected, they’ve been pied off. If this is the year you have vowed to watch Love Island, then you will be sick to the back teeth of hearing it, by the end.


The Love Island Language Lesson


 In Season 3, the boys came up with this little catchphrase to describe the relationship between Jack Fowler and Laura Anderson. Merging dramatic and drastic it basically means the situation was a bit tragic and unnecessary.

Bev/ Bevvy

Within seconds of the new season beginning on June 3rd, contestant Lucie said she wanted to find herself a Bev. A Bev is apparently a handsome man and how Lucie would like to describe her ideal lover. Later, in the first episode, she then developed her language by stating ‘that’s bevvy’ to describe an outfit that she thought would be sexy for Amy.


The Love Isand Language Lesson

It Is What It Is

 A statement meaning, whatever happens, happens. As in a contestant has just been pied off in a coupling or recoupling situation. Used multiple times in the season premiere in 2019 by Michael and Sharif after their girls ditched them in favour of another boy.

Total Melt

A melt is someone who is a bit of an idiot or a soppy person. This has become a love island statement popularised by Kem Cetinay, in 2017.  It is often stated when people think the contestant has fallen for another too soon. If someone was having a heart to heart with a friend over their feelings they would probably respond ‘stop being a melt’.


The Love Island Language Lesson


To act salty is to behave angrily towards someone who has rejected you. As in a boy is acting hostile towards a girl, they would be described as acting ‘salty’. They usually have a tantrum because they didn’t get what they wanted.

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I’ve got a text

Although it has been dropped from the recent season, the contestants used to announce I’ve Got a Text. This meant that a big twist in the show was about to come. Often these announcements would make certain participants vulnerable, as this often meant bringing in new contestants that threaten the couple’s strength.

The Love Island Language Lesson

The ‘Ick’

The ick is the feeling of repulsion for someone. It is often sudden and dramatic. Everything the person that gives you the ick does gets on your nerves. As in ‘he gives me the ick’.



This is when Caroline Flack comes in to perform the recoupling ceremony. This is when both the boys and the girls get to decide whether they are happy to stay together. By recoupling, this means you are unhappy and want to switch in favour of someone else.

The Love Island Language Lesson

Hopefully, this list of phrases has prepared you for the summer of Love Island. As let’s face it there’s no avoiding it. Let us know if there’s any we forgot.

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