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The London Spring Fashion Essentials You Need To Wear

The London Spring Fashion Essentials You Need To Wear

If you live in London, you'll definitely want to be wearing these fashion essentials come spring time. These wardrobe must haves are the perfect staple pieces when it comes to spring street style. You won't want to miss out!

Spring in London comes quite late, end of April – May, so till then you need to dress warmly. The temperature rises and we  get more and more sunny days! But what do you wear in London in Spring? Everyone thinks it rains all day but that’s not true! Here are the London Spring fashion essentials you need to wear, in order to cope with the weather.

Light jacket.

The warmer season has come and is here to stay. Even if it rains, the temperature does not fall so don’t be afraid you’ll be cold. The first thing you’ll need in spring in London is a lighter jacket. You need to ditch that thick coat and scarf! Depending on what the weather permits, you can wear a jean jacket, a light bomber jacket or a super light puffer jacket like this one from Uniqlo.


If it’s not raining, you could try wearing flats! They look so cute with blue jeans or a skirt.



As the weather is warmer, you could wear more skirts and dresses. Your legs won’t be cold during the day. At night, surely the temperature drops and I would personally avoid wearing them but during the day when the sun is shining and you feel like summer is really close, yes!

White T-shirt

A white T-shirt, with or without a slogan at the front or a small pattern, makes the outfit not only simple but also brighter and more colourful. Because white is a bright colour, anything we wear is perfect for spring and summer!

Colourful bags.

Now is the time to incorporate colour in our outfits and ditch the black  that we’ve been wearing all winter! You can add a pop of colour to your outfit with a colourful bag!

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Wide leg trousers.

These trousers always remind of spring and summer. Maybe it’s because they are light and airy! Perfect for this season!

White shoes.

Now that our outfits are brighter and lighter in colour, we can easily wear white shoes as well! White shoes go with everything! A white trainer shoe could be your everyday shoe.


What do you think of these London fashion essentials? Let us know in the comment section below!

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