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The List Of 420 Activities You’ll Want To Try This Year

The List Of 420 Activities You’ll Want To Try This Year

The List Of 420 Activities You'll Want To Try This Year

Yooooo, it’s nearly 4:20 brutha. It’s the only acceptable time to play hooky from college or work, go to a large, open-space with as many people as possible, have a smoke and lie down on the grass with Doritos and salsa. Okay, so it’s not totally acceptable to smoke everywhere and it’s probably not fine to not be doing that essay you need to be doing, or skipping work, but sometimes there are other more important things to be doing. This is going to be a list of 420 activities that you need to be trying on 4:20.

I’m just messing, this isn’t going to be a list of 420 activities, but it is going to be a list of a few vital 4:20 activities you need to be trying out. They’re going to go up in their depravity so, if you’re a seasoned veteran, you might want to start at the bottom.


If you’re truly new to the game then graduating from the tobacco-grass blend to a pure herbal remedy will blow your bloomin’ socks off. That first blunt always lands home especially heavily, and can really send you into a spiral where you can barely remember who you are. It’s pure awesome.

The List Of 420 Activities You’ll Want To Try This Year


Start your day right with the early morning smoke. As soon as you wake up, before you even check your phone or have a glass of water, grab a zoot and a coffee and get your head into the right, altered mindset. Imagine how beautiful a sunrise will look, or how musical birdsong will be if your brain is totally focussing on it. Of all the 420 activities on this list, this is the one that will really make you feel like you belong in the stoner club.

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An enormously fun group activity, hotbox-ing a room creates a hilarious, hazy ambiance where everyone has a good time thanks to the trapped smoke. Watching TV or listening to trippy music can make this into the perfect stoner environment, especially if you’re hanging out with close friends. The key to hotbox-ing is making sure you’re in an enclosed space that still has some air flow so you don’t die from a lack of oxygen; although, would there be a better way to go?

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We’re starting to head into the slightly more hardcore stuff now. Edibles seem to be a classic entry-level way of getting high, but it tends to be the point where people mess up more as they underestimate the power of each tasty treat. Edibles hand out a colossal and total body high that can really disassociate the body from the brain but, as it takes a while to set in, people tend to eat more in the hope that they’ll get knocked out quicker. If you’re feeling especially brave, eat 2 or 3 of the snacks right at the start of the session and then absolutely flop in 2 hours time.

The List Of 420 Activities You’ll Want To Try This Year

20-bag challenge

If you’ve surpassed everything else on this list up to now then it’s about time to tackle the biggest of the 420 activities: the 20-bag challenge. It’s pretty much what it says on the tin: smoke your way through a whole 20-bag in as short an amount of time as possible. The glory of the 20-bag challenge is forcing your way through that joint that gets you over the hump, all the while being aware that it’s going to tip you well over the boundary into total confusion. Whilst it can be done solo, it’s more fun to do a duo and have the camaraderie of losing the ability to speak coherently with a close friend.

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CBD oil

If you’ve completed all of the above 420 activities in your many years as a user, then a little bottle of CBD oil might make a nice change. With a minimal amount of THC (the part that gets you messed up) CBD oil gives you the nice body highs and that desire to laugh without the heady confusion you normally feel from sucking in the devil’s smoke. CBD oil is perfect if you want to take part in the 420 fun, but have work that needs doing; it’s such a clear-headed high that you can still function.

The List Of 420 Activities You’ll Want To Try This Year

How will you be celebrating the holiday this year? Will you be turning up the heat on your 420 activities with a full on smoke-out? Or is this going to be the first time you’ve missed one in years? Let us know!

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