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The Latest Jewellery Trends You Obv Must Know

Jewellery is an easy, cheap way to update your wardrobe for a new season. This spring/summer, we’re spoiled for choice as highstreet stores are stepping up their game with incredible, affordable pieces. The latest jewellery trends are all about statement: statement earrings, necklaces, brooches (yup, they’re back), rings… if it’s big and geometric, we’re wearing it. If it’s big and bright and bejewelled, we’re wearing it. Granted, a lot of these do look like those plastic clip-on earrings you’d get out of a pinball machine as a child, but that’s where the fun lies: the kitschier the better! If you’re wary of bright colour, though, have a look at some gold and pearl pieces for a more subtle take on the latest jewellery trends!


Plastic doesn’t need to look cheap – the geometric shapes and the sheer material make for a subtle, modern statement piece. Try these Monki ones in a classic teardrop shape:

Into the Wild

We’ve been seeing a lot of animals and bugs in jewellery, too – from vintage brooches to statement necklaces. These are wonderfully kitsch additions to an otherwise plain outfit. Have a look at our picks from MANGO:


Speaking of brooches, they’re back in a big way – and in their multitudes. Jazz up a plain blazer with an array of brooches from this MANGO set for an eye-catching look.

Layered Necklaces

I love layering necklaces – they go with every look, guaranteed. Layer what you already own, or get this layered necklace set from Monki:


Asymmetrical statement earrings add an interesting twist to your look – these MANGO ones are a fantastic statement piece, too.

Geometric Jewellery

I’m loving all of these 80’s-inspired sculptural pieces of jewellery that are popping up all over the place at the moment. They’re the perfect way to jazz up a plain outfit, and this pair of Boohoo earrings is the best addition to any outfit!


Apparently anklets are back, too – I’m not going to lie, I’m not fully on board with this. I think I have too many bad memories of being 8 and on holiday and adorning my ankles with tarnished copper than ended up dying my skin blue. However, if you don’t have mildly traumatising memories of anklets, these ASOS ones are pretty cool:


I love this trend – you can either go classic with subtle pearls, or all out with all the wild designs that are popping up at the moment. These chandelier pearl earrings from Boohoo do the trick!


Gold is always great for summer (it sets off a tan like nothing else) and this summer, it’s big – literally.

See Also

Put A Face On

Faces and bodies are all over jewellery this season! The Mango necklaces tap into the gold and layering trend, too, but try this Monki pair has a subtle shape if you’re a bit hesitant to try this trend:


We’re seeing so many earrings at the moment with tassels in bright colours. They’re super summery, and an easy way to update your wardrobe! MANGO has some great ones in at the moment:

Thin Metal

Thin, geometric metal is a feature of so many pieces at the moment. Try this Weekday bracelet with the Weekday earrings for a coordinated look:

Which of these latest jewellery trends are you going to try? Let us know in the comments below!

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