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The Kitchen Essentials You’ll Need At University

The Kitchen Essentials You’ll Need At University

These kitchen essentials are going to make your uni life so much easier. You need these kitchen tools in your flat or house ASAP!

Going to university is one of the most exciting times of your life. You may be starting university in September and you are looking forward to partying, freedom and making a load of new friends. However true that is, it is important to remember going to university comes with additional responsibility like cleaning, doing laundry and the most important to survive, cooking. You may be planning to figure it out once you get there, but it is important you bring the right kitchen equipment with you to ensure you are set off on the right foot. If you want to find out all of the kitchen essentials you’ll need at university, then keep on reading.

A cook book will be your best friend:

If you aren’t an expert in the kitchen, a recipe book will be your best friend. It will give you the chance to practice some things you have maybe never tried before, seeing as you are a full independent adult now. It will also be great to guide and teach you. A university favourite of mine is the Jamie Oliver 5 ingredients, quick and easy food cook book. This makes it super easy to follow as well as cheap. It is jam packed with simple but tasty meals ranging from pasta to chicken to beef. You can be sure to find something tasty and probably lead your flat mates to ask to try some. This is one of the kitchen essentials you’ll need.

The mug that does it all:

A thermal mug will be your biggest life saver at university. You can make a massive mug of tea and take it to your room to sip when you fancy, or even to university in your lectures to avoid paying out on a £3 Starbucks Frappuccino. It is also great for putting soups in if you need a cheap quick lunch which will stay warm all day. If you get a mug that also keeps things cold this will be revolutionary for you when you wake up with a hangover and need ice cold water that you have left by your bed the night before- drunk you will be very grateful for sober you.


Microwaveable bowls:

If you are a true student, it is likely at one point you will be tired, stressed and potentially hungover. (Maybe all at the same time if you are having a bad day) As a result, it is unlikely you will want to wash up a sauce pan, a utensil and a drainer if you are boiling potatoes or vegetables. If you pack a microwaveable container, you can fill hot water and potatoes in the container and let the microwave do the hard work for you. They are also great for storing any leftovers in. It is a definite multi-functional product that should be on your university list.

A toastie machine:

If you want a gadget that will come in handier than you would think, try a toasty machine. They aren’t overly expensive and are great for a midnight snack or lunch. You can fill bread with ham and cheese or chicken and cheese. The options are endless and it is highly likely all of your flat mates will be asking to borrow it.

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The multi-functional product:

If you are planning to do proper meals at university, you will most definitely need a colander to drain rice, pasta and a chopping board to prep food on. To save on washing up and room in your cupboard, you can now buy a chopping board that is also a drainer- simple but incredibly useful which you can get from retailers like Poundland or Ebay!

You will also need the obvious things like a sauce pan, baking tray and frying pan to name a few, but hopefully this article gave you a guide to things you wouldn’t think you would need which truly make the biggest of difference.

What kitchen essentials are you planning to bring with you to university? What kitchen essentials did we miss? Let us know in the comments below!
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