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The Important Benefits Of Taking A Break From Makeup

The Important Benefits Of Taking A Break From Makeup

Here is why taking a break from makeup is secretly super beneficial for your skin, and your wallet. With these tips your face will feel very refreshed.

These last few years make up has transformed from something you do in the morning to look pretty to a being an art in it’s own right. And with the development of social media, especially Instagram, people have gone insane on Fenty and Anastasia. However, it may be time we put down the beauty blender and setting spray for a little while and start taking a break from makeup.

The Important Benefits Of Taking A Break From Makeup

1. Let your skin heal

Constantly pounding chemicals on to your face/body is bound to do some damage to your skin, taking a break from make up will allow your skin to heal especially if you break out because of make up. Instead use good creams and oils to rejuvenate your skin, make it look beautiful without make up, it’ll take a few weeks to get your skin glowing but it is definitely worth it.


2. Get used to normal skin

Sometimes make up in worn to hide skin and cover up imperfections, I would put high coverage foundation on everyday because I did not like what my skin looked like underneath. Taking a break from makeup will make you realise that yes there are blemishes and spots but that is the beauty of natural skin, it will help build up confidence in your natural skin.

3. You’ll save so much money

Think about your make up bag right now, try estimate how much all that make up is worth, mine comes to over £200 and most of my products are drug store. Taking a break from make up might teach you to wear less and that means you’ll be spending money less on make up, more for you to be spending on other things like food.


4. Stop being so obsessive

Make up as an art is beautiful and amazing but I found I became obsessive and dependent on make up, it came to a point where I wanted eye shadow palettes I would never use and I was always worried about what eye look would go best with my clothes. Taking a break from makeup made me realise it wasn’t even that important, make up in general isn’t that important.


I do still wear mascara and fill in my brows (sometimes eye liner if I’m feeling extra) when I go out but this is a huge change from always going out with a full face. If you’re thinking of taking a break from make up then find something that works for you, maybe that’s no make up at all or maybe that’s using just a few products. Either way it will help you both physically and mentally and who knows maybe you’ll prefer your own skin after a while.

How does your skin feel while taking a break from makeup? Let us know in the comments below!

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