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The Hottest Fitness Youtubers You Need To Check Out

The Hottest Fitness Youtubers You Need To Check Out

The Hottest Fitness Youtubers You Need To Check Out

In this digital age we live in, there’s not much you can’t find on the internet. From booking a holiday to buying a new wardrobe… but about getting fit? We all struggle with motivation and keeping ourselves on track towards our fitness goals: queue, the fitness YouTubers. They’re a new breed in the ever-expanding world that is youtube, birthed to inspire and educate us on the world of fitness to help us whip our own butts into shape. So here they are, best of the bunch, the fitness YouTubers you NEED to follow.

1. Sarah’s Day

This Aussie beauty is one of my absolute favourite fitness YouTubers. She preaches natural products and remedies and her personal mantra ‘listen to your body’ supports realistic fitness goals and putting your health above aesthetics.  Her recent adventure into motherhood is truly inspiring and I love how honest and raw she is with all the nitty-gritty, unglamorous parts of mummy life. She’s released several products in the past, including ‘Body Bloom’, an all natural wellness drink, as well as the cutest line of fitness wear in collaboration with White Fox Boutique (did someone say Dalmatian print?!) She also has the cutest little pooch which makes watching her Instastories extra fun.

2) Grace Fit Uk

This girl is an actual wonder woman. Not only is she a full time Oxford University student (umm, brains much?), she also uploads frequently to her youtube channel about everything from her fitness journey to relationship tips. She’s just recently released her own sustainable activewear clothing line, made from recycled bottles and factory cut offs, and it is INCREDIBLE. I’m not sure how she manages to do it all, it’s like they say about Beyonce, you have as many hours in a day as Grace Fit Uk!


3) Natacha Oceane

This girl is incredible. Watching her workouts makes you realise that powerful things come in small packages. Of all the fitness YouTubers I follow, she definitely surprises me the most. She’ll be smashing the military fitness test in one video, and challenging herself to eat 10,000 calories in the next. She’s also been so open about her journey through her eating disorder and how she developed a healthy relationship with food and exercise.

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4) Stephanie Buttermore

Another absolute hero of the 10,000 calorie challenge, this girl preaches eating well and training consistently, as well as going hardcore on cheat days. She’s less ‘known’ than the other fitness YouTubers I’ve mentioned, and does upload less frequently (she has also been finishing her Ph.D., what’s with these overachievers?!), but her content is super informative and very entertaining. If you need some food recommendations, specifically for donuts, Stephanie’s your girl.


5) Kayla Itsines

Another yummy-mummy, this powerhouse was training all the way through pregnancy and truly is a hustler. She released one of the best fitness guides I’ve ever tried: BBG: The bikini body guide, it’s super easy to understand and is realistic, with 3-5 workouts a week I found it easy to integrate into my schedule. She has plenty of videos and diagrams to explain any exercises you may not be familiar with. I certainly saw results and I’d definitely recommend giving it a try.

Whether you’re a new mum looking to get your mojo back in the gym; someone struggling with an unhealthy relationship with food; or you just need that extra boost of motivation to get going, one of these fitness YouTubers will have something you need. From knowledgeable advice to workouts you can do along with them in your own home, at least one of these positive influencers will have that motivational boost you’re looking for.

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