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The Guide To Vegan Restaurants In Southampton

The Guide To Vegan Restaurants In Southampton

Your vegan restaurants in Southampton guide has arrived. Eat vegan in Southampton no problem. These Southampton vegan restaurants are to die for vegan food

Whatever you’re hungry or thirsty for in Southampton, there’s always something you’ll feel like in town. With many places often not catering for vegan food, yet with so many people becoming aware of what is going into their bodies and how it affects the world around them, this just won’t do. Southampton has you covered. Below is a list of Vegan restaurants in Southampton to fulfill your needs. Not to mention they’re insta-worthy. There’s never a dull moment here!

1. The Art House

Full of creativity, art and home grown food, The Art house is unmissable and set in Southampton’s Cultural Quarter. It’s a licensed organic café that has a vegan menu and is community run, with live music to truly give it that homely feel. Not to mention it’s amazing portions! The café has won awards for its work, food and originality and is well worth attending one of their clubs and groups or picking up a local, original piece of art, or a zine, by one of the local artists.

The Art


2. Board in the City

Not only can you come here for great food and drink, Board In The City has it’s own Southampton twist! It’s a table top gaming café that lets you catch up with friends and pick from hundreds of games to double the fun whilst you do. Open all afternoon and evening, there’s definitely time for another round.

3. The Rockstone

An independent country pub in the centre of Southampton that’s multi-award winning, is definitely worth a visit. You’ll be spoilt for choice with over 200 spirits, 9 hand pulls and 15 draft taps – just to start! Indulge in street food, burgers and desserts – all freshly cooked and still all vegan!


The Rockstone

4. The Stable

Another food place located in Southampton’s Cultural Quarter, The Stable specialises in Pizza, Cider and Pies – which is basically what we’re always craving! Have a cider tasting experience, with over 60 varieties to choose from and enjoy live music as you unwind. No need to look at the prices, if you catch one of their free pizza nights.

The Stable Southampton


5. Hannah Banana Bakery

100% vegan, 100% dairy free, 100% egg free, Hannah Banana Bakery is a multi-award winning bakery. Hannah is a vegan herself and makes sure that her wide ranging collection of handmade cakes and sweet treats is void of animal products of any kind, with no cross contamination.

Choose from Ready-To-Order cakes, Bespoke cakes for a variety of occasions, or fun and incredibly temping sounding Postal Brownies – we’ll be ordering a couple of boxes to our halls postbox, thanks.

Hannah Banana Bakery Southampton


6. Rice Up Wholefoods

Rice Up, the independent grocery shop that not only caters for vegans and vegetarians, the products stocked are all ethical, fairly traded and organic. There’s everything you could want – vegetables, fresh and dried fruit, nuts and seeds, vegan meats and cheeses, freshly baked breads, juices and chocolates. Don’t forget to look at the vegan recipe books they sell for lots more meal inspo and ideas, before stopping off at their bakery section for an amazing vegan treat.

Rice Up Wholefoods

7. Hashtag Serendipity

For something a little different, this place is one you have to check out. Serving oriental desserts that are still low calorie and healthy, classic flavours such as red bean, mango and coconut arrive in pancakes, dumplings or sorbets and drinks. Bubble tea is also served here, a personal fave!


Hashtag Serendipity


8. October Books

Much more than an independent bookshop, October Books stocks a variety of vegan and organic food, cleaning and body care products. Some of their books follow the same trait by being recipe books for vegan and vegetarian dishes to take back home with you. With a homely feel, like many of the best places dotted around Southampton, their ethos of promoting a fair and equal society is welcoming and fun.

October Books

9. Puja Sweet Mart

Southampton always offer variety, and Puja Sweet Mart on St. Mary’s Street, just behind the uni car park definitely delivers. Specialising in traditionally handmade Indian sweets and savouries, all of their products are vegetarian, with vegan options now also available. Also take a look at sugar free and gluten free items on their menu, depending on what your requirements are.


Here you can pick up some treats after class that are new and exciting or already a fave.

Puja Sweet Mart

10. Sweet Ice Cream Lounge

Sprinkles’ vegan rival. Serving the finest artisan gelato, crepes, waffles, smoothies and coffees it’s the perfect, sugar-fuelling pick me up after a long day in the uni library. Almost unbelievable at first, you might wonder if the black coffee is as vegan as it gets. Surprise! They have a whole vegan (or ‘Very Vegan’) Menu, which includes all of your previous dairy-induced dream foods. Big vegan sundaes, crepes, shakes and smoothies. The list goes on…!


Sweet Ice Cream Lounge

On your next trip to Southampton, don’t forget to check off and post each vegan restaurant in Southampton – you won’t be disappointed. Each one has a classic element of unique Southampton style that will make your snack break so extra and super sharable. It also shows that vegan options don’t have to be dull, or more expensive. These places are all super affordable and great for conquering sweeter cravings, but will still keep you on track!
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