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The Go To Bronzer Makeup Artists Swear By

The Go To Bronzer Makeup Artists Swear By

Here are the products of bronzer makeup artists swear by!

A key part of anybody’s makeup routine should be bronzer. It can be used to contour your face and even make you look more tanned. It is a staple that has been in makeup bags for a very very long time. Whilst the formulas have changed and ranges have expanded, bronzers still serve the same purpose: to outdo sun-kissed skin for bronzer makeup artists swear by.


However, for many people, bronzers can actually be a rather confusing step. Some people may even vanquish bronzing products from their makeup bag altogether, as these cosmetics seem far too easy to get wrong and can easily be over applied.



The best way to build up your confidence with bronzer is to pick the right shade for your complexion and then apply it subtly. You should never go more than two shades darker than your natural skin tone in a bronzer. You also need to pay attention to whether your skin is cool, warm, or neutral in tone as this affects how the bronzer looks on your skin. You should also consider whether your skin is oily or dry as some bronzing powders are too thick and cakey, so won’t apply evenly.

The growth in popularity of contouring has enhanced the confusion of how to use bronzer even more, and now bronzer is being used for all the wrong, yet right, reasons. There is however, a bronzer which solves our problems as it cannot be over applied, it isn’t cakey and it is easy to use for contouring or to emulate sun kissed skin.

What is this product makeup artists swear by?


This magical product is Benefit’s Hoola bronzing powder

The Hoola from benefit cosmetics is an award-winning and one of the top-rated bronzers in the beauty world.


All you need to do is dust this award-winning bronzing powder over your chin, cheeks and forehead for a healthy, natural-looking “tan” all year-round. It is pure matte colour with no sparkle or shine so it is great for a natural look!

Best yet, this bronzer is universally flattering and is long lasting, fool proof, and sheer.

Once you remove the brush you see a medium brown, not too dark, not too light, bronzing power, which is deeply and carefully set inside the cute little box. I just love the texture of the Hoola bronzer, as it is more creamy than powdery so isn’t cakey or hard to apply..


So to sum up why do we love this bronzer makeup artists swear by?

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  • Sun-kissed glow
  • Great for contouring
  • Soft, natural-bristle brush included
  • Matte formula looks natural
  • Pigmentation is lush
  • Cute packaging
  • Small and easy to carry

The best thing about Benefit’s Hoola bronzing powder is that it adapts to your own skin tone; meaning it is perfect for everyone. The tone is natural enough that if you have darker skin you can build up the intensity by applying layers.

It may be more expensive than other bronzers on the high street but it is so worth the spend. This bronzer has us buzzing and last ages.

How to use:

Sweep across chin, cheeks and forehead with the small accompanying brush. Always make sure you tap off excess powder to avoid applying too much colour. To chisel those cheekbones and flatter that jawline, contour with a blush brush. If you want to add shimmer, simply apply some highlighter on top.


Skip the tanning bed, avoid fake tan and orange hands and still look sun-kissed on a cloudy day with this go to bronzer makeup artists swear by! It will take you from pasty to tasty in seconds.

Have you tried the Hoola bronzing powder? Or are you planning to get it? Don’t forget to share your thoughts about it!

Which bronzer makeup artists swear by are you trying? Let us know.

Featured Image: weheartit