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The French Guide For The Perfect Makeup Look

French beauty has been famous throughout the world with its natural beauty look! If you’re tired of wearing heavy makeup or spending too much time putting on your foundation, then here is the French guide for the perfect makeup look! You can apply this trick on your everyday makeup look or even when you’re going out for a date night! Check it out!

The Very First Step: Facial Oil

If you’re a bit lazy to do the 10 steps Korean skincare every day, then facial oil is a life saver for your dry skin! After cleansing, your face will probably become really dry in the morning, therefore, I strongly recommend facial oil for you. It’s easy, it’s quick and it saves you a lot of time for the perfect makeup look!

Apply 3 – 5 drops of facial oil every day and gives your face a good massage will not only help to moisturize your skin but also to blend your makeup really well. Don’t forget to blend it to your neck and massage since women are getting older, the skin on the hands and neck is the easiest part to recognize how old they are! Just using the facial oil for a week and you will notice how different your skin feel!

Hide All The Blemish

After facial oil, your skin will be very soft, and it’s going to be super easy for you to blend the makeup on it. Apply a little bit of concealer to cover your black circles, but don’t worry about perfection too much: a few red spots are ok for a perfectly natural makeup look! Don’t need to put a heavy cover or foundation on your skin since you still want some flaws on your face for that natural look. If you don’t want your face to be too shiny, then a simple touch of powder can help.

Eyebrows? It Depends

If you don’t have full eyebrows then you can fill them in a little bit. Forget about those trends and follow your natural shape or whatever you think fits your face the most. Before finding out your most favorite and suitable shape, you need to try different shapes. So be patient! French women really know how to rock their eyebrows and so do you! A perfect makeup look will never be complete without the eyebrow!

Not Only Red Lips

French women are famous for their red lipstick! So why don’t you try to flaunt those red lips? You might want to wear a darker shade if you’re thinking about going out at night. But red lipstick is always the top choice for a sexy perfect makeup look! You can utilize it as blush and eyeshadow as well. Just a few taps and you’ll have a nice natural look for a whole day!

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More Important Is…

HIGHLIGHT! We are all so crazy about it! For me, it’s never enough when it comes to highlighter! A bit of highlight on the top of your nose and cheeks will be perfect for daytime but at night. Personally, I like to apply it a bit more heavily on my cheeks, under my eyebrows and chin! Shine bright like a diamond!

A Bit Of Body Mist

And don’t forget to spray a bit of fragrance before you go out. If you don’t really like heavy perfume during the daytime, then body mist will be the top choice to finish up the perfect makeup look. You can carry a small bottle of body mist around to refresh yourself after every four hours. This trick can help you to stay fresh, clean and nice for the day long but not giving other’s a headache.

Are there any tricks you know from your French friends? Let’s share with our girlfriends here!

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