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The First Day Of Summer Bucket List You Need To Follow

The First Day Of Summer Bucket List You Need To Follow

The First Day Of Summer Bucket List You Need To Follow

Summer. One of the best times of year in the opinion of most people I’ve met. I’m more of a Winter girl myself but each to their own. There is so much time and so much to do and you may be tempted to do everything in one day, why not? Here is a bucket list of things to do on the first day of summer.

1. Make Your Bucket List For The Rest Of Summer

You obviously can’t do everything on the first day of summer and whilst you can do somethings your time may be best spent planning the rest of the summer. Make a bucket list of all the things you want to do or achieve¬†over the summertime. Considering who you’d do these things with. Will you spend some time working? Will you book a holiday abroad? Who knows? Well, you will if you plan it all out on the first day of summer.

2. Go To A Pub Garden

I do not know how summer holidays work anywhere else but the first day of summer is usually a half day in UK secondary schools meaning you get an afternoon off. When the weather is warm Brits love nothing more than hanging out in a pub garden in the afternoon. With a nice cold (possibly alcoholic) beverage and some chips, there is no better way to start the summer.


3. Hang Out With Friends

Sure, you see them at school all the time but it will be great to hang out with them without looming deadlines and exams weighing you down. Go for an iced coffee, a walk or some food together and make some plans for the summer.

4. Declutter

There is nothing worse than having to spend your whole summer getting rid of junk that you have accumulated over the school year. Get rid of it all or have a tidy up on the first day so you can spend the rest of the summer chilling in any way you choose. My next point may help with this…

5. Book Burning Ceremony

I did this when I finished my GCSE’s. Get rid of any evidence of school work, unless you think you’ll need it in future. Get some friends together and burn your notes from the year. Toast some marshmallows on the flames of some biology notes. It is extremely cathartic.

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6. Relax

If you have big plans for the rest of the summer then maybe you want to spend the first day doing absolutely nothing. Usually, you’ll have just finished some exams and you deserve nothing more than some rest. Doing nothing is a perfectly viable activity for your first day off.

7. Head To The Beach

Nice weather does not come often in the UK so if your first day of summer is a hot one, get yourself to the beach. Get a bucket and spade, some drinks and one of those sun parasols and go to the beach with some friends. Catch some sun. Just try not to get burnt on the first day, that could put a real damper on the whole day.


8. Shop

Go full Blair Waldorf and go shopping. Hit your local shopping centre and stock up on your summer wardrobe essentials. Make sure you have all the cute shorts and dresses to get you through your summer plans. If you know you are going on a holiday make sure you have everything you’ll need. Do not forget the sun cream!

What are your plans for the first day of summer? Or for the whole of summer? Let us know what you get up to in the comment section below, who knows you might inspire someone else first day of summer bucket list!

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